S Kumar announces multiple Zonten installations

Ahmedadbad-based S Kumar has announced the installation of three Zonten label presses in India. These were installed in the last quarter. The company has booked a fourth intermittent offset label Press, however, it did not disclose the location and name of the company. It is expected to be installed in the month of July 2020.

21 Dec 2020 | By Noel D'Cunha

Zonten installed at Ramdoot Packaging in Ahmedabad

Kolkata-based Holoflex has installed its second Zonten press, this one Zonten LRY 470, an eight-colour fully loaded twin tower 470mm web width press equipped with helical gears and high-registration device. It has Two Cold foil, delam-relam, sheeter conveyor and inspection system.

Vasai’s Shree Pack Containers has installed the Zonten RY 330 flexo label Press with a configuration similar to Holoflex. This is also Shree Pack’s second Zonten press, however, the first press presently running at the plant is a six-colour press. 

Ramdoot Packaging in Ahmedabad has installed the Zonten ZTJ 330, India’s fourth intermittent offset press with eight-colour print stations – first a flexo than cold foil, delam-relam, six LED UV offset and last a flexo varnish. The kit is fitted with an auto-registration system from BST, remote and auto inking system with CIP3.

Ramdoot packaging specialises in mono cartons manufacturing and purchased this machine for short- to medium-run labels.  

According to Manish Hansoti, managing director at S Kumar, Zonten label presses provide the highest quality at the lowest cost in short and medium runs. “It’s a highly competitive and increasingly demand label market today. Zonten machines come with online finishing and a high degree of automation.” 

Hansoti also sees the trend in the label industry is changing where there will be more requirement for such types of machines, which are easy to operate. “The machines should deliver quality, have quick setup times, consumables should be economical, efficient, and the investment such that the returns are quick.”

He concluded, “Zonten presses have all these qualities.”

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