Rybcal gets production boost at Bhumi World

Rybcal, a manufacturer of automotive graphics labels, moved to a 12,000 sqft facility in Bhumi World Industrial Park, at Mumbai-Nashik highway in the year 2014 from a 3,000 sqft facility located in Thane.

30 Apr 2019 | By Sujith Ail

Kishore Bhalerao, chairman and managing director of Rybcal

The father-son duo of Kishore and Saurabh Bhalerao started the printing business from their home with a manual screen printing machine and then they shifted to a 250-sqft gala in Thane. Later rented a 3,000 sqft facility in Thane itself and in 2014 shifted to Bhumi World.

Rybcal’s journey in screen printing started by manufacturing labels for the electrical industry and then vehicle batteries. Later, as Rybcal started gaining recognition, it ventured into automotive graphics. It also has a dedicated team of creative designers who are responsible for providing new concepts to its clients.

Kishore Bhalerao, chairman and managing director of Rybcal, said, “Our focus was to expand and have our own facility with bringing all the operations in-house and Bhumi World with such an organised infrastructure proved to be a suitable area for investment.” 

Rybcal at its 3,000 sqft facility faced a lot of restrictions. The primary reason being the outsourcing of slitting and sheeting work. “Even screens and inks were ready for the jobs, there was a shortage of cut sheets required for screen printing. Now by bringing slitting and sheeting operations under one roof at Bhumi World, substrates required for screen printing are always available in advance,” added Bhalerao. Also, while sending jobs for outsourcing Rybcal has to pay the octroi duty, adding to the cost of the jobs. 

Other than automotive graphics, Rybcal has also started manufacturing labels for sports equipment such as hockey sticks, cricket helmets, badminton racquets and others. 

Saurabh stressed that with reputed restaurants and lodging facilities in the vicinity of the industrial park, Rybcal can confidently bring in customers to their facility.

Saurabh said, "When we were scouting for a new location and came across Bhiwandi other than Bhumi World there is hardly any industrial estate. Bhumi World infrastructure is what impressed us. It has two entry-exit points – one for staff entry and another directly into the shop floor. The construction of the building is such that we can even perform heavy duty works on the first floor."

“Power supply has been continuous at the Bhumi World. We used to fail to meet our delivery times due to the power cut downs but this has never been a case since we shifted here,” added Saurabh.

The only issue Rybcal has been facing since the relocation is the relatively poor mobile network. Responding to this, Bhumi World stated that it is working on the same and the situation will be resolved in a month or two.

In the coming years, Rybcal aims to be number one in the Indian market for automotive and automotive accessories.