Royal Graphics automates its lamination with Tiancen KFM-106MC

Royal Graphics, a sister concern of Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi-based Royal Offset has automated its lamination segment and installed Tiancen KFM-106MC.

22 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Anuneet Kaur and Baljeet Singh of Royal Graphics

The automatic high-speed lamination machine was supplied and installed by Tiancen’s Indian partner, Ample Graphics.
Anuneet Kaur, the second-generation of the family-owned business, said, “The fully automatic lamination machine will be helpful to us, especially for fast lamination and better quality of lamination. Before the installation, we were doing the lamination manually with our in-house lamination machines.”
The Tiancen machine can laminate 105 to 500-gsm thick sheets up to the speed of 100-m/min. 
“After the installation, we found that we could complete hours of work in minutes. The automatic high-speed lamination machine with the hot knife is equipped with electromagnetic induction and hot oil circulation system, and it is ideal for metPET production up to the speed of 11,000 sheets an hour,” Kaur said.
Kaur added, “First, we will stabilise the machine and will add more equipment soon. This unit will be a dedicated post-press unit equipped with an automatic lamination machine and spot UV machine. We are looking for an offline UV machine and it will be installed soon. Later, a few more pieces of equipment will be added for other applications.”
Baljeet Singh, founder, Royal Offset, said, “Being a new machine and venture, we talked with most of the lamination machine suppliers in the market and found Ample to be suitable for us. The installation of around 70 lamination machines in the market and fantastic feedback for after-sales services were two main reasons to choose Ample. We are the only one who has an automatic lamination machine in the area and it will benefit us. We are targeting to laminate 100,000 sheets per month. We have enough jobs to run on the machine and sooner will be more expansion.”
Rajeev Jagga and Sachin Kala, managing partners, Ample Graphics, said, “We found during our journey that customers’ hand-holding and after-sales service are the major points and we have been focusing on both since our inception. More than 70 successful fully automatic lamination machines are running in the country and the number is increasing. We are committed to both. We are very happy to see that Anuneet is handling the project and that one more woman has entered the industry. It is a proud moment for us.”