RMGT open house in Japan showcases high-end packaging solutions

The Japanese sheetfed offset giant Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology (RMGT) organised a day-long open house in its manufacturing facility at Fukuyama, Japan on 19 January 2018 to showcase three of their newest offerings. More than 100 people from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines and Mexico attended the event.

22 Jan 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Among these, the first demo of 10 series Tandem perfector printing press (RMGT 1050TP-1+8+UV coating) showcased one pass both side printing for high quality packaging printing at the speed of 16,200 sheets per hour.

The second demo of 10 series (RMGT 1050LX-6+Double coater) showcased 17,100 (optional) sheets per hour printing with inline quality control system (PQS-D).

The third demo of 9 series (RMGT 920PF-8) LED UV printing press showcased A4x16-page convertible perfector with inline quality control system (PQS-D) at the speed of 13,000 sheets per hour. 

Katsushi Hirokawa, president, RMGT, said, “We are committed to building relationships of trust not only with customers, but also with printing unions and associations, materials and peripheral device manufacturers, representatives and others who are involved in printing industry. Since our inception in January 2014, we are working towards producing better printing presses to strengthen our customers so that they can produce their desired jobs.”

RMGT believes that LED UV technology is the future, and being the inventor of the technology, it has advantages and better understanding of the technology. According to Vinay Kaushal, director, Provin Technos, the RMGT solutions target three points – maximum productivity by minimised operators, people-friendly printing with easier operation and automated features and implementation of LED UV technology.

Gathering during the open house 

Kaushal added, “We have installed more than 50 printing presses in India in a short span of three years. Most of our customers come from commercial and books printing background. We decided to invite our customers to the open house to showcase the strength of our printing presses in terms of fast turnaround, multiple automatic features, from 0.2 to 1.2mm (G/micro flute) thick substrate printing, double side printing in one go and compatibility of LED UV technology.”

Hirokawa added that RMGT has developed its printing presses considering global trends – extremely small-lot, various kinds of job and quick delivery; drop in printing margins; less experienced press operators and the increased cost of human resources, and concerns for better environment.

Established in January 2014, RMGT is a joint venture between Ryobi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery.

Meanwhile, Provin Technos, the Indian representative of RMGT, inked a deal for a RMGT 790 four-colour with coater printing press during the open house. The machine has been booked by one of Provin’s existing customers based in Surat. From India, 12 printers from different parts of the country have attended the open house.

RMGT, a 100-million Japanese Yen capitalisation company with sales turnover of 28 billion JPY in 2017-18 manufactures more than 330 multicolour printing presses per annum and India contributes 4% of its business.

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