Riso launches world’s fastest digital duplicator

At the 14th edition of PrintPack India, the manufacturer of digital duplicators and inkjet printers, Riso, launched SF 9390, which according to Ranjith Kadiroo of Riso, is the ‘world's fastest digital duplicator’.

24 Dec 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

(l-r) Vivek singh and Ranjith Kadiroo of Riso with the new launch SF 9390

The machine boasts of speeds of 190-ppm and produces a high-definition image quality of 600x600-dpi.

Ranjith Kadiroo, vice-president, sales, Riso, said “The machine not only offers high-speed printing but it is also easy to operate and requires less manpower, along with top quality and reliability.

According to Kadiroo, the machine is environment-friendly as it requires energy consumption of 200 to 250-watts. The inks used by the machine are manufactured by vegetable oils and other such food materials.

“It can produce more than thousand-pages in approximately five minutes with efficiency,” he added.

The machine has a quick master-making mode and consists of a heavy-load paper feeding system with its paper trays having a capacity of 1,000 sheets for both feeding and receiving. It also consists of a full-colour control panel with its seven-inch large colour LCD touch screen.

It accepts a wide range of paper types such as recycled paper, coarse paper, cards, envelopes and much more.

Riso boasts of having installed more than 10,000 machines across India. The machine’s previous edition which had a speed of 180-ppm had more than 100 installations in India.

Riso highlighted 15 products at the trade show which also included its range of inkjet printers. Its ComColor GD 9630/9631 inkjet printer that offers a speed of 160 ppm.