Renuka Softtec launches AI tool

Renuka Softtec has recently developed and launched an AI-enabled Chatbot, a common platform for printers and their customers. Chatbot is a common platform where anyone can raise a query that the system can reply to automatically.

02 Nov 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Renuka Softtec is an Indian developer of ERP solutions and automation for the packaging and printing industries.

Manish Madhusudan, co-founder, Renuka Softtec, said, “Being a software development company, it is our priority to make the process automated, prompt, smooth and transparent. We have observed that packaging converters and printers always need a dedicated person or a group of people to reply to the customer’s queries, and it is a time-consuming task. The same is the case at the print buyers’ end.”

Being a common platform, every communication is on record and all the participants are on the same page. Thus, it will make communication transparent and effective. It works round-the-clock.

“Our Chatbot solution works on AI technology and is compatible with most of the available devices in the market. Its track and trace feature makes it impactful. Authorised persons can get details of their jobs and orders, along with the status of their jobs/orders. Accordingly, both can plan their execution and future activities, avoiding communication gaps which may cause serious consequences,” Madhusudan said.

Chatbot also offers an invoicing facility. The invoice for any job can be downloaded and job details can be fetched with the invoice number.

“With this, you can track every aspect of a job, including invoice and dispatch-related information such as vehicle number, transportation details, and so on,” he added.

The client can also see the live status of the order and make calls via WhatsApp. 

Clients can also download the other documents related to their jobs which are required frequently by them thus making client executives of the print organization free from attending calls, or responding to emails throughout the day and this spare time can be utilized in some more productive activities by print organisations and enhance productivity.

“It is an AI tool. Being an automated system, it understands the questions and provides information accordingly, it's a scalable system as there are no limitations to respond to client queries which overcomes human limitations,” Madhusudan added.

Right now, a few of the company’s customers have started using the solution and are happy with the potential of the system. “We have started receiving more installation requests from our existing clients for the same,” Madhusudan said.