Renault installs waste management system for a cleaner and greener workplace

Palghar-based label specialist, Renault Paper Products has installed a waste management system supplied by the German company, Matho Konstruktion & Maschinenbau. Mahendra Shah, who leads the company said, it is an “imperative need” to manage self-adhesive label waste more effectively.

04 Feb 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

Matto Cuttobag CB-100: can cut and extract the waste from a single machine

“In today’s time a clean shopfloor makes the workplace more productive and space-saving does provide additional area for expansion,” Shah said.

The Matho Cuttobag CB-100 waste management system extracts the trims and matrix by suction from the slitting machine or die-cutting station to transport the main equipment to shred the self-adhesive waste without letting it stick to the sides and clogging the pipes and further blow it on to either collection bags in highly reduced space or compact it for easy disposal.

“We did not want to simply dump production in the open or covered spaces. Label waste matrix stripped off after die-cutting has tacky adhesive on it and is voluminous. It attracts dust and bacteria so is a health a hazard and also occupies expensive space that can be used for productive purposes,” explained Shah.

Renault, established in 1999 and operating out of 22,000 sqft shopfloor with nine flexo and hybrid label presses has steadily expanded by adding label embellishing capabilities to become a specialised supplier to the liquor industry besides having a host of customers from the leading FMCG brand owners. Renault, Shah said, is perhaps the “first to have a combination label press” that can produce labels with diverse technologies like offset, flexo, screen printing in a single pass along with capabilities to foil and emboss.

The installation of the Matho system was handled by the company’s New Delhi-based India representative Weldon Celloplast. Kanwardeep Sahni, managing director at Weldon, said, “Renault has been a very loyal customer yet demanding the best. Mahendra-bhai is a simple person committed to creativity and innovation. Opting for Matho shows his penchant for creating the right environment at workplace.”

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