Registered publications grew 3.58% in 2016-2017: RNI Report

Press in India 2016-17, an Annual Publication of the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) was presented by principal director general Shri Ganeshan to minister for textiles and information and broadcasting Smriti Zubin Irani in the presence of NK Sinha, secretary, along with other senior officials of the ministry of information and Broadcasting on 15 December 2017.

20 Dec 2017 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Among the highlights of the year’s report, 4,007 new publications registered during 2016-17. Registered publications witnessed a growth rate of 3.58%. UP topped the list of largest number of registered publications followed by Maharashtra. The largest number of publications registered in any Indian language is Hindi followed by English.

Speaking on the occasion, Irani said the publication was an important document to map the progress of the Indian newspaper industry in the last one year, as the report gives a comprehensive analysis of the contours of the growth for the industry specially the growth amongst regional language publications.

She added that in this digital era the report has a seminal importance and assumes importance for the student community as well. She emphasised on the need to release this report digitally. She suggested that data in the report should be categorised genre wise. She said that data on publications in regional language should be analysed, for its growth and dispersal.

RNI is mandated under Section 19 (G) of the PRB Act, 1867 to submit an Annual Report to the government every year on or before 31 December. The Report is a compilation of the data available with RNI and the details submitted in the Annual Statements filed online by the publications across the country for the financial year 2016-17. Press in India presents an indicative picture of facts and trends in the Indian Print Media. The report is of keen interest to print media, media analysts and research scholars.

The Highlights of the Indian Press in 2016-17 (As on 3 March 2017)

The Total Number of Registered Publications: 1,14,820

Newspaper (daily, tri/bi-weekly periodicities): 16,993

Periodicals category (other periodicities): 97,827

The number of new publications registered during 2016-17: 4,007

Number of publications ceased during 2016-17: 38

Percentage of growth of total registered publications over the previous year: 3.58 %

The largest number of publications registered in any Indian language (Hindi): 46,587

The second largest number of publications registered in any language other than Hindi (English): 14,365

The State with the largest number of registered publications (Uttar Pradesh): 17,736

The state with the second largest number of registered publications (Maharashtra): 15,673

The number of publications which submitted Annual Statements (including 1,472 miscellaneous publications): 31,028

The total claimed circulation of publications during 2016-17: 48,80,89,490

Hindi Publications: 23,89,75,773

English Publications: 5,65,77,000

Urdu Publications: 3,24,27,005

The largest number of publications that submitted Annual Statements in any Indian language (Hindi): 15,596

The second largest number of publications that submitted Annual Statements in any language (English): 2,317

The largest circulated daily: Ananda Bazar Patrika, Bengali, Kolkata: 11,16,428

The second largest circulated daily: The Times of India, English, Delhi: 9,56,054

The largest circulated Hindi daily: Punjab Kesari, Jalandhar: 7,14,888

The largest circulated multi-edition daily: Dainik Bhaskar, Hindi (46 editions): 47,36,785

The second largest circulated multi-edition daily: The Times of India, English. (33 editions): 42,68,703

The largest circulated periodical: The Sunday Times of India, English/Weekly edition, Delhi: 8,35,269

The largest circulated periodical in Malayalam: Vanitha, Malayalam/Fortnightly edition, Kottayam: 6,47,104

Total title applications received: 20,555

Titles approved: 9,278

Titles deblocked: 6,506