Redex transforms its photo business with Revoria

Kerala-based Redex Photo Books has added a Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 to its production unit. The machine was supplied and installed by Insight Print Communications last month, and the machine has been running to its full capacity since then.

06 Dec 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Redex with team Insight Print Communications

“We specialise in photobook/album printing and for us, quality of photo is critical in this segment. We wanted to stand out in the market. When we discovered the specialty colours in Revoria, such as pink, gold, silver, and saw the output, we were impressed. For example, smoother and beautiful skin textures can be produced using pink toner. Plus, the printing quality is very good. There are no grains, no noise, and the machine offers clear and sharp prints, natural skin tone and vibrant colours with pink,” Jaisal, managing partner at Redex Photo Book, said. 

Redex Photo Books was founded in 2011. The company offers arrays of services, such as creative designing and printing of photobooks/albums, calendars, table albums, album boxes, covers, UV coated printing, engraving and UV embossed. They offer a full range of customised solutions to a diverse set of clients with a deep understanding of technology/

At the speed of 120-ppm, Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 offers the customers the ability to print beyond CMYK with specialty colours, such as gold, silver, white, clear, pink to push creativity boundaries on different media. The press has six stations. So, two specialty colours can be used in one go and the configuration is in a way that underlay and overlay can be done in a single pass. 

“Pictures tell us a story which words cannot. At Redex, we strive to transfer the best memories of our customers onto paper with the best of quality. While producing the best photobooks for our customers, we take care of both printing media and print quality and it was impressive to see Revoria press supporting all the different kinds of media, such as lustre paper, high gloss, non-tearable and many more.”  Jaisal added.

“In India, we see photo printing for wedding photos only.  The situation is different elsewhere, where customers order photobooks for events, such as vacations, birthdays and anniversaries, events, remembering the year, moods, child growing years, etc. A similar trend will also come to India. There is enough headroom for the photo print business to grow and increase multifold from current level,” Ajay Aggarwal, MD & CEO at Insight Print Communications, said.