Rave Scans (VK Global Group) acquires a new Bobst folder-gluer

Delhi-based printing and packaging powerhouse, Rave Scans, post its acquisition by the VK Global Group, has added a Bobst Ambition 106 A2 folder-gluer to increase their production capacity. The machine comes with four and six corner and corrugation kits as attachments.

05 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Namit Jain of Rave Scan and Chandrashekhar Dhote of Bobst India

Rave Scans is a fast-growing commercial offset printer that began in 1993. Over a period of two decades, it has acquired several brand new multicolour Heidelberg presses and bookbinding equipment from Muller Martini. In 2014, they also acquired a full-sheet X-Y scanner for quality control, new converting equipment from Bobst and other suppliers. At the same time, it entered into the rigid box segment via equipment obtained from Italian supplier Emmeci.

Namit Jain, director, VK Global Group, said, “Rave Scans has always been associated with the best technology within each of its segments and our various Bobst installations have maintained that tradition.”

He added that the company already has a Novacut 106 E die-cutter with stripping and Visionfold 80 A2 folder-gluer. “In our short printing experience, we gained insight into the premium quality of the Bobst machines. With our expanding business, the expectation of timely delivery coupled with top-notch quality became our priority. So naturally, we decided to expand our inventory with another Bobst folder-gluer”.

VK Global Group and its acquisition of Rave Scans

Under the leadership of Rahul and Rohit Jain, VK Global Group was established as a publishing house, having over four decades of leadership in the area of economics and commerce. With the goal of diversification, VK Global Group ventured into another niche area of packaging, wherein they specialise in creating optically active surfaces using holographic films and Fresnel lenses. The business offshoot, established in 2014, caters to the international market.

VK Global Group’s acquisition of Rave Scans, in October 2018, via the National Company Law Tribunal resolution proceedings, has been its most recent business venture. VK Global has been successful in transforming Rave Scans into a profitable production house, promising structured and systematic growth by building a respectable clientele within the FMCG and pharmaceutical space. The new management is a strong advocator of employing state of the art printing technologies to help its customers create a clear differentiation in an otherwise competitive marketplace. Combining its expertise across the board, VK Global has created a novel business capable of delivering completely recyclable end products by integrating Fresnel lenses and other holographic effects.

Business with Rave Scans

Rave Scans boasts of fine machinery in all aspects of production, with its large battery of Heidelberg presses, Bobst Novacut die-cutter, Bobst Visionfold folder-gluer and the recently acquired, Bobst Ambition 106 A2 folder-gluer. Rave Scans has created a name for itself in the packaging space, converting about 200 tonnes of board each month for its packaging clients and an estimated 1000 tonnes of paper in the commercial space.