Ramaiah Muthusubramanian talks about owning the change at Print Summit

Ramaiah Muthusubramanian, CEO, Packfora – the global packaging consulting company offering end-to-end solutions to make packaging shine for people, planet and profit. His message for the delegates during the Print Summit at the Tata Theatre (NCPA) was: Owning the Change – A packaging industry perspective.

16 Feb 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Ramaiah Muthusubramanian spoke about making packaging a source of competitive advantage. He looked at the macroeconomics trends. Be it: consumer and sustainability; as as well as India's growth trajectory.

He spoke at length about consumer and digital trends as well as digital opportunities. In terms of driving the change, he requested the audience to focus on: innovation, quality, measure of value. He shared examples that grab the consumer's eye.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, he felt, reducing costs and waste in product packaging is more important than ever. Packfora's mantra is, Reducing costs and waste in packaging is not only responsible, but it's key to ensuring a company's success and longevity.

Ramaiah Muthusubramanian is the promoter and CEO of Packfora. A man who has adorned many hats, previously, he was the program director of sustainable flexible packaging for Unilever. During his days at HUL, he was an advocate in the move from “linear to circular economy.” As he said, “The strategy is to educate the consumer, enable EPR models and collection infrastructure, and also enable recycling and recovery infrastructure."

Packfora is a global packaging consulting company with presence in 14 countries which offers end-to-end solutions to make packaging shine for people, planet and profit. The company leverages its expertise across the complete packaging value chain - brand owners, packaging producers and stakeholder ecosystem.

Ramaiah Muthusubramanian of Packfora has been part of innumerable packaging industry panels in the past. In 2019, he was part of a panel discussion on engaging stakeholders to achieve zero waste with Prasad Balan Iyer of SIES Graduate School of Technology along with Chandrakant Gadhia of Marks Emballage  and Paul Prakash of Pidilite during the Circular Economy Forum hosted by WhatPackaging? magazine.