Rajoo launches Nonafoil line at Plastfocus 2024

Rajoo Engineers unveiled its latest advancements at PlastFocus 2024. With a commitment to pioneering new possibilities towards sustainability while upholding the highest standards of quality, Rajoo set a new benchmark for the industry at the show.

04 Mar 2024 | By Aakash Mudgal

The Nonafoil nine-layer blown film extrusion line displayed at Plastfocus 2024

At the heart of its showcase was the launch of India’s first Nonafoil nine-layer blown film extrusion line. The technology, with its advanced capabilities, redefines industry standards, enabling producers to achieve unprecedented levels of film performance and recyclability. 

Running at an impressive 350-kg/hr, this line showcased high-barrier recyclable film solutions for various applications, from food packaging to thermoformable film, setting a new precedent for excellence in the field. 

Additionally, the launch of Nonafoil nine-layer co-extruded blown film line demonstrated Rajoo's commitment to circular economy principles, offering films with less than 5% EVOH while maintaining essential oxygen barrier properties, thus enabling recyclability without compromising barrier properties.

Khushboo Doshi, managing director of Rajoo Engineers, expressed the company's ethos, stating, “At Rajoo, we are driven by the pursuit of excellence. Our solutions not only elevate performance but also redefine sustainability standards, ensuring a better future for generations to come.”

In line with its dedication to sustainability, Rajoo unveiled its rPET sheet extrusion line that transforms PET bottle flakes into high-quality sheets, effectively closing the loop in plastic production processes. With outputs reaching up to 1,400-kg/hr, this initiative underscores Rajoo's commitment to leading the charge in promoting recycled plastics and sustainable practices.

Furthermore, attendees experienced Rajoo's expertise in compounding, with state-of-the-art PVC compounds engineered to enhance a wide range of applications, from medical tubing to electrical cables. By leveraging the latest technologies, Rajoo Engineers ensures unparalleled performance while minimising environmental impact.

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