Rajoo Kohli’s Lamex open house demonstrates appropriate technology approach

The recently-held Rajoo Kohli’s Lamex open house, streamed live from Balaji Multiflex demonstrated the “appropriate technology” approach at its best. The event was attended by over 500 participants from all around the world.

21 Aug 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Khushboo Doshi, managing director of Rajoo Engineers

Khushboo Doshi, managing director of Rajoo Engineers, launched the event with a warm welcome and highlighted the current trend and opportunities for the flexible packaging sector, as well as how the current Lamex line meets specific needs of converters and processors.

Pranav Bhalara, CEO of Balaji Multiflex, and proud owner of Lamex 360, said, “During the decision-making process about going for another machine extrusion lamination, I was in dilemma, but after seeing Rajoo Kohli machine, I decided to go for it. And the line has been running at more than 350-mpm for the past three months.”

With this open house, Rajoo Kohli reinforced its position in the flexible packaging Industry. It further represents its strategy to offer appropriate technology tailored to meet the specific needs of Balaji Multiflex in Rajkot

The ramping up of the extrusion coating and lamination line to a speed of 360-mpm at the hands of Pranav Bhalara came as quite a surprise and the line operated as smooth as ever.

The machine is equipped with winders suitable for reel diameters of 1000-mm and reel weights of 1000-kgs and specially designed for automatic splicing at maximum production speed of 350-mpm. Infeed web tension is precisely controlled by a servo motor. Gravure coating and the drying hoods are designed to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption. Two extruders mounted on a platform are with three axis movement.

The automatic die from Cloeren, USA working in sync with the beta thickness sensor established the low gsm of the laminate variation across the width. which ultimately controls the cost of packaging.

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