Rajasthan Offset Printers Association organises oath ceremony

The Rajasthan Offset Printers Association (ROPA) organised an oath ceremony for its newly-elected executive team in Jaipur on 18 May 2018. The event took place at Hotel Vrisha, Jaipur and was attended by around 200 people from the industry. The elections were held on 14 April.

21 May 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

The new executive team of the Rajasthan Offset Printers Association includes SN Agarwal, president; Bharat Gupta, secretary; Deepak Agarwal, treasurer; Nirmal Goyal and Bhimraj Sharma, vice-presidents; Sandeep Vijay, joint secretary and Vikas Agarwal, joint secretary.

During the ceremony, Ramratan Bhardwaj of Jaipur-based Arun Art was awarded for the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the printing industry in Rajasthan.

Bharat Gupta, secretary, ROPA, said, “The newly-elected committee is working towards the betterment of the printing industry in the region. Primarily, we are working to increase the number of members for the association. Our target is to enrol around 800 members in the next six months.”

Right now, ROPA has 175 members.

“Training and educational programmes to develop skilled manpower, availability of raw material on economic prices, easy access of advance technology in the region and programmes to create awareness of government policies for the industry’s benefits are some of our key agendas,” he said.

Gupta also added that the new team is a combination of young and experienced hands from the industry.

Former president of AIFMP Kamal Chopra, who was the chief guest for the evening, stressed on the unity among the printers, saying that helping each other is the only way to survive in these competitive times.

“If we agree upon bulk purchase of raw material as an association, it will definitely help us get the material on more economic prices. This can be a way to control production cost. This will also help in the availability of raw materials,” he said.

On the issue of the lack of manpower the industry is facing, Chopra said while majority of educated youngsters do not see printing as a viable career option, according to government reports, we have around 67% dropout rate post-high school. “This is a huge number. We can train them in our printing facilities and create a workforce for us. Hands-on training is always better then theory,” he added.

Chopra also suggested that ROPA should affiliate itself with the All India Federation of Master Printers, which already has 70 associations affiliated to it.

Monotech Systems sponsored the event.