PVG students teach bag making at school workshops

The problem of climate change is critical and it is worsening by the day. Human actions are to be blamed for the disaster of global warming. The governments across the globe are implementing remedial measures to curb the actions causing this environmental crisis. In India too, several states have initiated plastic ban in various forms.

11 May 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Keeping all this in mind, the Department of Printing Technology and Graphics Communication at PVG COET, Pune thought of contributing to the environment and initiated paper bag making workshops.

The students of second-year engineering at the PVG COET’s Department of Printing Technology and Graphics Communication, Pune conducted paper bag making workshops under the guidance of the head of the department Prof Madhura Mahajan and faculty member Prof Sumedh Kapare as part of the Social Aspects and Outreach Activities Group.

These workshops were conducted for students from the fifth grade to the tenth grade of two local schools – Seth Dagduram Katariya English Medium School, Pune and Muktangan English Medium School, Pune.

Not only were the school students taught how to make paper bags but they also were given an insight into the printing industry. The workshops involved making paper bags and then printing on these bags with a screen printing process. The objective was two-fold: One, to spread awareness about the printing industry among the younger generation. Two, to gain hands-on printing experience for the engineering students.

Many people draw, paint and modify their paper bags to make them look attractive. But if they are asked to make these bags in bulk, with a single design, for commercial or corporate use, they will not be able to reproduce the same design on every bag. In such cases, we deploy printing processes to achieve consistent results.

It is pertinent to inculcate the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – in our everyday routine. With this thought, we approached Seth Dagduram Katariya English Medium School, Pune and Muktangan English Medium School, Pune to create awareness among the students, who are the pillars that will one day lead the nation.

The students were told about all the advantages of paper and its positive effects on curbing global warming, the afforestation is done for every tree cut for the manufacturing of paper, and the process of screen printing.

The school students and their teachers gave a very positive response to these workshops, deeming them interesting and impactful. They pledged to practice what they learnt and to spread awareness amongst their acquaintances.

This is just one small step towards reducing global warming. However, if all of us take small steps for creating awareness and make conscious efforts to combat this crisis, we will be making the world a better place for our future generations.

Taraquee Nalawade is a second year engineering student at PVG’s COET, Pune