Pune’s M-Tech Innovations buys Kodak Veriset

Pune-based M-Tech Innovations, a supplier of card manufacturers, smart card solutions membrane switch manufacturers, and automotive products manufacturers, has recently installed a Kodak Veriset 400S CTP machine from Insight Print Communications.

15 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Insight with Rajkumar Gandhi of M-Tech

M-Tech is known for innovation, excellence, and experience.  The Kodak Veriset 400S will help the company bolster its production and help supply high-quality products reducing environmental impact.  

The Kodak Veriset 400 produces 22PPH for a plate size of 724x838-mm. The Veriset platesetter is compatible with a wide range of thermal plates. This robust external-drum thermal CTP device has been specifically designed for the demanding needs of general commercial and publication printers. It has a small footprint that minimises space requirements. 

Veriset platesetters showcase Kodak’s innovative TH5 thermal head, a technology that surpasses the Gaussian systems employed by other CTP device manufacturers. The TH5 head achieves unparalleled precision and accuracy in dot imaging, resulting in elevated tonal stability and exposure consistency. Notably, its solid-state design ensures remarkable durability while simplifying maintenance procedures.

“As pioneers committed to delivering excellence, we consistently choose high-end equipment that instill confidence in us to meet our stringent standards. Within the current market, Kodak CTPs stand out as the epitome of reliability and stability, which left us with no second choice,” Rajkumar Gandhi, director of M-Tech Innovations, said.

He added, “Within our facility, we boast an in-house setup encompassing screen, offset, and digital capabilities. M-Tech has become synonymous with punctual delivery; time is of the essence as we meticulously adhere to set timeframes. Insight's unparalleled service support effectively minimises any machinery downtime. It was this unwavering assurance that solidified our decision to acquire the Kodak CTP through them.”

Kodak is known for its array of workflow software solutions. The Kodak Veriset 400S stands out, featuring the robust Standard Kodak Print Console with TIFF Downloader Software. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Kodak Prinergy Workflow and various third-party workflow systems. For added convenience, the optional Kodak Mobile CTP Control App empowers you to oversee CTP devices remotely, even while offsite.

“Our approach revolves around putting the customer at the heart of our strategy. We are committed to facilitating our customers' growth by offering continuous assistance, from the initial installation to the routine maintenance of their equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliable outcomes. With our robust support framework, we assure M-Tech of achieving optimal results while upholding their signature commitment to quality," Raja S Kochhar, general manager at Insight, said.

Within this CTP device, the remarkable Eastman Kodak Company Squarespot Imaging Technology takes centre stage. This distinguished thermal imaging innovation, exclusive to Kodak devices, has garnered accolades. Squarespot technology empowers printers to attain elevated levels of stability, precision, and dependability within their printing processes.

Ashish Save, director at Insight, added, “Our firm dedication revolves around providing advanced solutions that help our customers succeed while also promoting sustainability. We recommend using the Veriset processor with Sonora process-free plates — a powerful combination that reduces environmental impact. This is especially beneficial for companies like M-Tech that are committed to eco-friendly printing solutions.”