Pune’s United Multicolour Printers to install the city’s first Scodix

Pune’s commercial and packaging specialist, United Multicolour Printers has invested in a Scodix Ultra Pro with a Foil station, capable of Cast&Cure and Crystal effects, the first in the city.

20 Dec 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

“It was only fitting that the first Scodix be installed at United Mlticolour Printers,” said Raveendra Joshi, director, United Multicolour, while speaking to PrintWeek India at Monotech’s stand at Pamex. “We were the first to install a Heidelberg press, a five-colour press, a CTP system in Pune.”

But being the first to get a Scodix was not the only thing on Joshi’s mind. “The customer are demanding more than mere print, they want more value-add to their print. It was that demand from our customers, my own passion for off-beat, and the fact that as an offset printer, my company needed that “wow” factor.”

The Scodix Ultra Pro is a B2 machine, employs a twin-tray technology that feeds 1,250 sheets per hour.  It can handle stock from 135 to 675gsm on thicknesses up to 700 microns and the clear polymer allows the press to reach a height of up to 250 microns. The Crystal too uses a high build polymer to create 3D sparkles while the Cast&Cure produces holographic looking 3D images.

“Our aim is to be a high-end PSP for printed products and at the same time remain ahead in technology as well. Our customers can now come looking for a effect on their print, and the Scodix will help us replicate the feel of that material, like a leather, wood and the like,” said Joshi.

Scodix has over the last few years seen quite a number of installations, 32 it will be by the end of this year. Even as Monotech announcing installation of this Scodix at United, there are two more happening in Delhi, one of which is at Arya & Sons. “There was a lull, post Drupa. But that was because our customers took time, making provisions for the finance,” said TP Jain, managing director at Monotech Systems, the Indian representative for Scodix in India.

There is also a shift in the market for Scodix, said Jain. “Photo album is a niche market, and perhaps Scodix was the only solution that was available when we introduced it to the Indian market, hence the success,” said Jain. “The commercial and packaging market are looking more vibrant for such solutions, as the brands are demanding more embellishment on their products.”

Monotech has, therefore, seen six Scodix installations in the commercial and packaging markets.

Ajeet Pareek, Product Head – Digital Enhancement, Monotech Systems says “We are delighted that Scodix equipment forms such an integral part of United Multocolour’s ambitions. The Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press has a market leading range of applications, some of which cannot be replicated by any other process. So, we have no doubt that United Multicolourcustomers will be thrilled.”