Publishing Next to host publisher across the country on 19 September

The eighth edition of the Publishing Next conference, South Asia's only publishing conference, this year, will host publishers from across the country, including marquee names like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and Westland, at the Goa Science Centre, Miramar, Goa, from 19 to 22 September 2019.

04 Sep 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

A session in progress in a previous edition of Publishing Next

Over 35 speakers and many more registered participants are expected to attend the conference. These include Ananth Padmanabhan (CEO, HarperCollins India), Karthika VK (Publisher, Westland), Niti Kumar (senior VP, market development, at Penguin Random House), Manas Saikia (MD, Speaking Tiger Publications), Amit Chavan (Head, Content Solutions and Strategic International Business, at Repro India), Arpita Das (Publisher, Yoda Press), Ravi Singh (Publisher, Speaking Tiger), Radhika Menon (Publisher, Tulika Publications), Jerry Pinto (Author) and Ritu Menon (Publisher, Women Unlimited).

Spread over four days, the conference will include discussions and workshops on a wide range of topics affecting the publishing industry, and should be of interested to anyone following the book publishing business, or is a part of it.

There will be panel discussions on book retail, self-publishing and its impact on traditional publishing, the trend of collaborations among publishers, the commerce of translations, the importance of biblio-diversity, and the ways in which small publishing houses can sustain themselves.

There will be workshops on the three basics of book publishing — editing, production and marketing. Similarly, there will be open mic sessions on author-editor relationships, author contracts and book reviewing. In addition, the Publishing Next Industry Awards will also be presented in 10 categories during the conference.

Publishing Next is the only conference of its kind in South Asia, and brings together publishers from all corners of India. Established in 2011, and now in its eighth edition, Publishing Next is focused on issues of concern to the book publishing industry, and adopts a broad perspective while seeking to foresee the future of book publishing.

The conference maintains a commitment towards bringing to the fore the voices from publishing industries of Indian languages, as well as from the small and medium-sized publishers.

Publishing Next is conceptualised and organised by the Margao (Goa)-based CinnamonTeal Design and Publishing.

Panels to watch out for

The Green Ink

Masterclass on editing

Join two experienced editors as they lead a masterclass covering more than just the nuts and bolts of editing. With an overview of the editorial process in publishing and its critical features, the session will also delve into the complexities and demands of the job.

Panelists: Indu Chandrasekhar and Ritu Menon

A Delicate Balance

Open mic on the author–editor relationship

Gain insight into the challenges in the relationship shared by authors and editors, at this open mic. An author and editor who have shared a long working relationship will comment from their experience, offer observations and respond to queries.

Panelists: Jerry Pinto and Ravi Singh

Point of Sale

Panel discussion on distribution and bookselling

The last mile of a book’s journey, before it reaches its reader, is a long one. Listen to distributors and booksellers as they discuss their respective roles and the concerns they must navigate in the supply chain.

Moderator: Meethil Momaya. Panelists: Allwyn Pais, Guruprasad DN, Manas Saikia

Doing it Yourself

Panel discussion on the impact of self-publishing

Technology-enabled self-publishing, which emerged as a viable option for authors over a decade ago, has transformed the industry in many ways. This discussion will look at self-publishing’s influence on conventional publishing practices and how it has altered authors’ expectations of publishers.

Moderator: Manish Purohit. Panelists: Leonard Fernandes, Naveen Valsakumar, Radhika Nathan

The Fine Print

Workshop on reading the author–publisher contract

Learn about the elements of author–publisher contracts in this session led by a renowned publisher who has directed hundreds of agreements. Analyse and review the parts of a publishing contract at the workshop, which will include a conversation on author-friendly contracts.

Panelists: Karthika VK | Vinutha Mallya

Bound Proof

Masterclass on book production

The masterclass will outline the processes involved in producing a printed book. This crash course will cover the stages of pre-production and post-production in small-sized publishing houses, and will address the specific concerns of independent publishers.

Panelists: Amit Chavan and Sudhanva Deshpande


Panel discussion on partnerships and collaborations

Can two or more publishers collaborate to capitalise on their respective strengths in the marketplace? Quite a few examples exist in the Indian publishing industry. The panelists in this session will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such partnerships among publishers.

Moderator: Arpita Das. Panelists: Ananth Padmanabhan, CP Vishwanath, Mandira Sen, Rakesh Khanna

Staying Alive

Panel discussion on the economics of (independent) publishing

Even as big business is fostering consolidation in the global publishing industry, publishing houses, especially the independents, are finding ways to sustain and continue their business. The speakers on this panel will talk about the challenges that they must overcome and the factors that aid them in their endeavour.

Moderator: Vinutha Mallya. Panelists: Radhika Menon, Ravi Singh, Sudhanva Deshpande, and Yogesh Maitreya


Masterclass on promoting and marketing books

With social media, SEO, and online stores effectively driving book marketing in trade publishing today, this masterclass will get you acquainted with the tools you need to develop a 21st-century strategy for promoting your books.

Panelists: Kirti Jangra and Niti Kumar

From the Books Desk

Open Mic on Book Reviews

Two curators of book reviews, who are also reviewers themselves, will anchor an open exchange on the changing concept of reviews in a social media-led environment, and how more spaces could be opened up for book reviews.

Panelists: Rihan Nijab and Shireen Quadri