Provin sets up demo centre for Miyakoshi at Okhla

Provin Technos, the Indian representative of Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, Japan, has set up a demo centre for Miyakoshi’s flagship product, Miyakoshi MLP high speed semi-rotary narrow-web offset press.

03 Jul 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Provin Technos at the demo centre

The demo centre is located at Okhla Industrial Area in New Delhi.

The centre is now open, and customers can contact Provin Technos to book for demo trials.

Vinay Kaushal, director, Provin Technos, said, “The primary motive behind setting up the demo centre was to give potential customers the first-hand experience and to showcase the capability and quality of the machine.”

Kaushal said the machine is the right choice for today’s changing market. The machine, which comes with a host of performance enhancing features, is ideal for printers looking to cater to short- and medium-run jobs and produce high quality labels.

“We believe narrow-web offset is a suitable technology to produce labels and other packaging jobs economically in the long run,” he added.

The Miyakoshi press installed at demo centre is equipped with delam-relam unit, one flexo printing unit in the beginning, five offset printing units, second flexo unit for varnish, inline die-cutting to produce print roll-to-roll.

The machine is equipped with the following performance features — auto register function with back strobe for filmic substrates; advanced cold start function for reducing the material wastage by about 30%; second pass function; corona unit; CNC lateral adjustment for accurate register; ink agitator; skew system for offset units; PLC remote monitoring system; automatic wash up for offset units and PPF convertor and more.

The stable and robust structure of the press supports stable web feeding and accurate registration.

The machine installed at the demo centre is a 13-inches semi-rotary printing press (MLP 13C) and can print at maximum speed of 200 impressions per minute. The impression count does not change with the change in repeat length.

Besides, Miyakoshi also has press models with higher speed capability, MLP-C and MLP-H models, which are capable of running at speeds of 250 and 300 impressions per minute, which corresponds to 101.6-m/min and 121.9-m/min. This makes it the highest productive press in its class.

The loop blower system accompanied with the S-type two-roller step back mechanism makes it the ideal press to be run at high speeds. Plus, with features such as automatic wash up, advanced cold start and finish function, shorter web path, etc, the overall wastage and job change over time is very less with the machine.

Provin Technos has installed one Miyakoshi printing press at Hyderabad-based Pragati Pack in end of 2017.