Provin organises open house at Sterling Print House

Provin Technos, the India representative of RMGT sheetfed offset printing presses, showcased capabilities of its recently installed five-colour with coater RMGT 920 series printing press at Sterling Print House in Cochin, Kerala on 14 November 2018. The open house was attended by printers from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Patna, Ranchi, and Bengaluru.

18 Nov 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Display of print samples during the open house

The highlight of the open house was the machine’s multiwave LED UV curing and coating system supplied by UV Energy.

“In most multiwave LED UV system, there is a combination of three frequencies – 365, 385 and 395 nanometres. This is the only system in the world which covers wavelength from 300 to 400 nanometres. It cures seamlessly on all kind of conventional UV printing inks,” Vinay Kaushal, director, Provin Technos said, adding, “Other advantages include less power consumption, virtually no heat and smell. A printer can use conventional UV printing ink for multiwave LED UV and varnishes for coating. Thus, it gives operational cost advantages.”

The RMGT 920 is also equipped with two multiwave LED UV lamps at fourth and fifth printing units along with one LUV (low energy conventional UV) lamp to cure varnishes at lower wavelength around 250 nanometre.

Printers also attended the open house to witness the capabilities of RMGT 920 series on paper, metPET board and plastic sheets. “We want to show to the industry that our printing presses are packaging-ready machines. Printers who are planning for packaging can see the results,” said Kaushal.

Sterling Print House has produced four colour job on 220gsm paper at the speed of 12,000 sheets per hour with the drip off coating; the similar job was produced at 350gsm metPET sheet at the speed 10,000 sheets per hour with spot and textured UV coating and later the similar job was produced on 200 micron flexible sheet at the speed of 12,000 sheets per hour again with coating during the open house.   

T Ishibashi of RMGT Japan, Xiang Shun, technical director of UV Energy, Japan and Johnny Sha, director, UV Energy, Japan were also available during the event.

The RMGT 920 can print at the maximum speed of 16,200 sheets per hour.

The newly installed printing press is fully loaded with automation and features such as pneumatic side lay; semi-automatic plate changing; auto-nip checking mode; maintenance mode; auto dozer; automatic ink roller cleaning device; automatic blanket cleaning device; impression pressure preset system; multitrain roller arrangement; PDS-E Spectro drive; press information display (55-inch monitor with three cameras) and chamber type doctor blade coating system.

 “This press is equipped with ‘Unfair Advantage’ because this machine creates a different league altogether,” said Kaushal. “The machine’s economical size, saving on printing plates, and low cost of overall operation make it the most economical printing press in its segment.”