Provin announces sale of five machines

Delhi-based Provin Technos has announced the sale of five new machines, of which the deals for four machines were finalised in May. The deals include two RMGT 920 four-colour presses, two RMGT 920 eight-colour perfector presses and one RMGT 970 seven-colour plus coater press. The machines will be installed in New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

22 Jun 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The Provin installation team at one of the sites

Akshay Kaushal of Provin Technos said all the machines are equipped with state-of-the-art automation. Also, two of them will be first-of-their-kind in India. They are the RMGT 920PF-8 + LED-UV and the RMGT 970ST-7+CC+ LED-UV

The RMGT 920PF-8 will be RMGT’s second eight-colour perfector in India equipped for one-man operation. The machine is equipped with a fully automatic simultaneous plate changing system which takes only two minutes for changing the plates for all the eight printing units. In addition, the press is equipped with LED-UV system from GEW UK and RMGT’s inline registration, colour control and inspection system.

The RMGT 970ST-7 + CC + LED-UV will be RMGT’s first 38-inches press in India. The machine has been purchased by a dedicated packaging-printing company. This press is equipped with a LED-UV + conventional UV system from GEW and other automations.