Private View: Baby Dove Massage Oil

Two packaging technologists review technical nitty-gritties, functional aspects and shelf performance of Dove's baby massage oil

The Baby Dove Massage Oil comes in a drop-shaped transparent container with a plug that enables ease in opening and closing.

12 Jan 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Sukhdev Saini, Packaging manager - AMEA, General Mills - The bottle has a contemporary drop shape which makes it handy to hold and use. The transparent PET bottle also connotes purity which is essential, especially, in the case of baby products. The polypropylene screw cap is easy to hold and open due to the serrated pattern on its side. There is an LDPE based pouring spout fitted inside the bottleneck for easy dispensing of oil. 

It comprises two pressure-sensitive labels used for decoration. On the front, there is a transparent polypropylene label with gold foil stamping that highlights “Hypoallergenic” aspect of the product. And there is a PET white opaque label on the back which provides batch code details and the clear dates. 

Soma Roy, Associate manager - packaging quality, Marico - The package is a transparent PET bottle in the shape of a drop with a plug and screw cap. The plug has an inbuilt hole which is blocked with an inbuilt pip inside the cap. The effective design of the cap ensures no leakages and the pack can also be kept inverted. 

The label at front of the pack is a transparent PET and at the back of the pack, the label is a white opaque PET. Both the front of pack and back of the package labels have a textured varnish.

There is a scope of improvement pertaining to the front of the pack label as readability of the contents provided on it is a challenge, due to the hidden appearance of details.

Also, the plug design shall entrap oil post-dispensing which may get rancid and allow dust collection.