PrintWeek webinar: Esko's WebCenter to boost efficiency

Join the PrintWeek-Esko webinar on 17 May (Tuesday) at 3 pm to learn how to accelerate business with the WebCenter. The speakers are Samarth Chandrashekar, manager – pre-sales and customer support, suppliers business at Esko and Pankaj Arora, enterprise software sales manager, supplier business at Esko will present the capabilities of WebCenter.

12 May 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

PrintWeek's Sriraam Selvam who is the discussant during the webinar said, "The WebCenter is an ideal tool as it covers the full production process and integrates all parts of Eskos software workflow suite."

Sriraam Selvam added, "Using the WebCenter, customers can work online in real-time from anywhere in the world to manipulate CAD and graphic files. It is simple to use via any browser and provides easy access to remote customers’ data. Multiple file formats are used to meet the specific requirements of the job and the printing device. Quality controls are built into the online tools that measure dot size, ink separations, angles, traps and dot gain. By applying the knowledge we gained in trade repro our project and file approval software provides maximum security. Numerous groups within an organisation can review and approve artwork from a whole catalogue of previous and current jobs at absolutely any time they want to."

Esko's WebCenter has cemented its reputation as a crucial solution in the packaging industry because of its ability to streamline approval and project lifecycles, eliminating bottlenecks that are commonly associated with the packaging development process.

Be it: end-to-end colour workflow for brands and their suppliers; or creation of colour specifications and communicate them to their printer-converters, who use ColorCert software to report a scorecard of the final production.

As an Esko official said, "Today’s packaging industry demands faster turnaround times, high-quality results and key information. With an ever-growing number of SKUs and many last-minute changes, managing artwork and all packaging related information is a clear bottleneck today. However, with the correct information being available online, it is easier to communicate and get approvals while maintaining complete security and traceability."

Selvam said Esko has unveiled many new features in the WebCenter; which is why the webinar will be a wonderful opportunity for all professionals who want to gain an insight into the packaging value chain.

Join the webinar on 17 May (Tuesday) at 3 pm  to learn how to accelerate your business with WebCenter. Click here to register.

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