PrintWeek Power 100: The race for 100 most influential individuals in the print industry

The search for the 100 most influential individuals in the print industry has begun. The third edition of the PrintWeek Power 100 is now live.

14 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

In light of the events in this extraordinary time, it is a great opportunity for the printing fraternity to show its appreciation to the individuals who have contributed to the growth of the printing industry in India.

Who are prints power players?

Voters should consider the spending power, industry influence, knowledge, and the innovation quotient of the printers while casting their votes. Ramu Ramanathan, editor of PrintWeek, said, "Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, challenges faced by print companies at their workplaces – managing people, material, equipment and finances, became the new front in the battle to survive. While many struggled, there were those going into the crisis who devised a resilient strategy to keep their orders' processing. These are leaders of the print industry who provided a ‘clear-eyed hope’. The third edition of PrintWeek Power 100 is our nod to these inspirational leaders who aspired to succeed.”

The parameters of the voting for the Power 100 are subjective, but we are looking at the four Ps. These are: printability, profitability, progressive, popularity and how the people on the list are evaluated by their peers.

“Success during a crisis can be bittersweet, particularly when you see your firm do better while others around you not doing as good. Our Power 100 are those that beat the pandemic odds and are thriving," said Noel D'Cunha, managing editor of PrintWeek

D’Cunha added, “In the last 12 months, PrintWeek has published success stories, where there were young men who have shown they can be the leaders of tomorrow.  The PrintWeek Power 100 of 2021 is a good way to celebrate the top printers and best converters – the young and the experienced in the fraternity.”

The list of nominees to vote for will not be limited to the names mentioned in it. There is a possibility of few names being missed out, so, in case if a voter is unable to find the individual to vote for, the voter can add a nominee to the list and it will be reflected in the list.

2020 was an extraordinary year, and there is no harm in reminding ourselves of the resilience and innovation our industry has shown in the past 12 months and throughout its history.

Share the Power 100 among your peers and make your vote count. Celebrate the Power of Print.

Voting closes on 24 April 2021.

Visit the following link to cast your vote: "">

(Editor's note: Manufacturers, dealers and suppliers are NOT nominated in the list)

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