PrintWeek launches monthly What Packaging? eNewsletter for the packaging industry

The packaging sector is perhaps the last bastion for the printing community. The India growth story proves that there is a need for a special packaging magazine. Which is why PrintWeek India has launched the monthly eVersion of What Packaging?

31 Jan 2017 | By Priya Raju

Ramu Ramanathan, editor, PrintWeek India, said, “This is an opportunity for PrintWeek India's traditional print readers to stay up to date with the packaging market if they’re not already in it. Our aim is to get our 30,000 strong readership base to read about the latest techniques and innovations.” 

Besides packaging design and materials; and machine manufacturing, What Packaging? hopes to focus on filling, packing, fulfilment and logistics services; and the superstars in the industry.

The idea is to keep adding new features and involve experts from the pharma, food, alcohol, snacks, confectionery, and retail segments - and get them to share their views with you.

Packaging’s success in India can be attributed to growing populations and smaller households, more varieties of products in supply chains, and no electronic alternatives from the physical properties protecting and promoting the contents.

But what are the challenges? Today, the big brands want their packaging to work harder, both as a marketing tool and a competitive added-value product.

“As long as there are products there is a need for packaging to protect them down the supply chain and there always will be. That's why we need What Packaging?,” said Ramanathan.