PrintWeek India Awards 2018: Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah Arts Company is the Fine Art Printer of the Year

Marvel Graphic Studio’s winning streak continues, but this time under a new aegis, Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah Arts Company, as it won the category during the 10th edition of the Awards held in Mumbai on 29 November 2018.

29 Nov 2018 | By PrintWeek India & PrintWeek India

Bhupati by Salve, 25.5x25.5-inches and serigraph on paper, uses 78 colours/ screens and takes 35 days of production. 125 copies were printed on Korean 350gsm paper. The USP of the job is the embossed strokes. Each colour is seen right from first to last layer along with emboss effect, which is difficult to balance together where you have each colour transparent and opaque in one frame.

Hutt Yogini Shakti by Gogi Pal, 25.5x33.5-inches, serigraph on paper, uses 70 colours/ screens. 80 copies were printed on Korean 350gsm paper in 40 days. The USP of the job is the raw brush.

Raas by Dileep Sharma, 24x34-inches, serigraph on paper, has 150 colours / screens. Printed on Natural Evolution 280gsm paper, 125 copies were made in 90 days. It retains the beautiful composition and the value and essence of pastel.

The Conductor by Ratan Parimoo, 27.5x33-inches, serigraph on canvas, has 95 colour / screens. 125 copies were printed in 60 days. This is the company’s first canvas serigraph at this scale. The red paint is the highlight of this work.

The shortlisted companies in this category were

Manipal Technologies

Replika Press