PrintWeek Awards 2023: CDC Printers wins Customer Service Company of the Year (Joint Winner)

Introduced during this edition of PrintWeek Awards 2023, CDC Printers is one of the two winners in this Special Industry category.

30 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

CDC Printers wins Customer Service Company of the Year

“Customer service is of prime importance for any organisation and more so for companies who operate in the service industry,” said the CDC statement describing why it is the company that should be nominated for the Award. CDC explained, “We have implemented a full-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) system whereby a dedicated team is liable for top-notch customer service.”

How does the CRM work at CDC? Once the sales managers receive an order and hand it over to the internal CRM team, they get cut off from the job. They now focus on getting new orders rather than fulfilling the last orders they have received. The CRM team promises a delivery date to the customers within 48 hours. The nitty-gritty of production is discussed, and the job is scheduled on the ERP. An in-house customised customer portal enables the customer to see real-time their current job status.

The CRM also helps in new product development (NPD), which has a separate executive. The executive of the NPD handles the new projects once the sales manager hands over the job to him. Design, proofs, and approval comes with a set of TAT (turnaround time).

CDC provided two specific case studies among others it has done, one with Serum Packaging, where it helped a young, energetic brand reincarnate its highest-selling Serum packaging boxes from rigid boxes to mono cartons, saving huge cost and time. And second, Dot & Key Skincare, a small company with 10-15 products, where the CRM with NPD struck gold for Dot & Key and CDC. After their success, Dot & Key found an investor in Nykaa, perhaps a complete buyout in the next couple of years.

CDC is the winner of the Customer Service Company of the Year 2023 for implementing a customer service management tool.


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