PrintWeek Awards 2022: Prayag Advertisers wins Label Printer of the Year (Self-adhesive)

Prayag Advertisers’ fantastic print and finishing capabilities, according to the judges, helped the company triumph in this hotly contested category.

02 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

The judges particularly liked the level of details that went into producing the labels produced for sports accessories. The labels required a solution that would not be lost even from a distance or in light. Prayag Advertisers used digital UV printing technology for the Icon, Infinity and Kookaburra labels, fused screen printing to give the top a rubber effect. The Phantom sticker was produced using screen printing for matt finish and UV embossed. 

When producing labels for sports accessories or equipment, conformability of the labels becomes important. It means the labels material should be able to wrap around the curves. And besides, conformability, wear and tear is another of the many factors. The four CMYK samples were produced on polycarbonate paper using strong adhesive to give the labels conformability and durability, while making it look good.

The four CMYK samples were produced on polycarbonate paper. The design was supplied by Prayag’s customers which was worked upon using Adobe Illustrator and after approval, the labels were produced.

The resulting labels were impactful and had a clear finishing taking the sports products to the next level, said the judges. 


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