PrintWeek Awards 2022: Kumar Printers wins Innovative Printer of the Year

The Grant’s Distinction Jam Station Pack is a special promotional rigid box, comprising three rigid boxes, each designed to hold a bottle of whiskey and a glass, plus an additional item each – a cocktail stirrer, a jigger, and a can of ginger ale.

02 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

The cavities were designed to hold the glass and promotional item snugly. Eva foam was used to hold the stirrer. The boxes are designed with metallised finish and UV gloss texture, with bar themed graphics on the exterior.

The strategically placed windows provide dual functionality. On display, they provide a clear view of the whiskey and the glasses. After purchase, the windows can be detached, allowing the three boxes to be assembled into a portable DIY bar. All the three packs had magnetic closures.

For Kumar Printers, the product design presented many structural and technical challenges. The three boxes had to come together beautifully, yet each box had to be complete in itself. The PLC was printed on a UV offset machine and glued to the wraparound cover after the greyboard was grooved. The PLC was first die-cut to create the windows and then pasted inside. It entailed multiple passes on the die-cutting machine to make removable windows. The PET windows were glued using low-strength adhesive so that the end-user can remove them easily.


  • ABP
  • Any Graphics
  • Dainik Divya Marathi - D B Corp (Solapur)
  • Jayna Packaging
  • Perfect Packaging
  • Spectrum Scan
  • The Sign Co
  • Thomson Press
  • UFlex