PrintWeek Awards 2022: Any Graphics wins Packaging Converter of the Year (Pharma)

While the demand for common medication such as pain killers and prescription drugs like antibiotics is increasing, during Covid-19 pandemic saw FMCG companies too introduced products that were considered protection against the virus.

02 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Colgate Vedshakti Oil Pull and Any Graphics produced the cartons that looked made on a handmade board. The company produced one-lakh cartons on the Heidelberg press, finishing the product with foil, embossing and screen. Any Graphics visualised a new concept – Fiber Print, patent pending, where the FBB board’s look and feel is converted into handmade board look and feel through print. “A first-ever” claimed Any Graphics.

The second sample was packaging produced for Panadol’s Mini Caps trial run. Any Graphics produced 10,000 pieces on the Omet flexo press using CMYK, special green and brown. High-definition coil foil marked the package which used the flexo press from print to blank. No steps in green vignettes. The packaging was being made in Scotland using offset and foil combination, but Any Graphics claimed, that it became the first company to get the packaging approved using flexo machine.

The package for Trimcare was printed CMYK plus special blue using Heidelberg press on FBB boards. The company used drip-off effect, embossing and shades of pink for a soothing feel. “We played with colours and clear coating to provide pearl effect, which is different than the standard drip-off effect),” said Any Graphics. Esko driven pre-press workflow played a big role in development of the carton, creating different shades of pink using different percentages of white to give the enhanced and soothing look.

The Minictah packing was a two-lakh run job, which was printed on the Heidelberg press, but the Braille was implemented through embossing, with cutting in one go.


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