PrintWeek Awards 2019: ITC Packaging and Printing Division wins Packaging Converter of the Year (Flexible)

Last year’s winner in the carton category takes home the Award this year in the flexible packaging category, proving why ITC Packaging and Printing Division is one of the best in the business when it comes to packaging

02 Dec 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

The Jelimals profiled pouch, targeted at children, has a unique design that resembles a bear. The vibrant colour also adds to its attraction. Since it’s a zipper pouch, it can be stored and reused.

The eye-catching artwork for the Fabelle tempts the viewer to buy and enjoy the chocolate inside. The packaging outside highlights the luxury product inside.

The GetKrrackin profiled pouch is designed in the shape of a bottle to resemble the adjunct product, as it is served with beer as a freebee snacks pouch. The tear notch at the neck of the pouch enables easy access to the product.

ITC says the pouch was made with an ideology to provide aesthetics, innovative structural design, easy to use and protective laminate structure.

The Braille effect in the sample for Braille Label was achieved by making a higher deposition of varnish up to 200 to 280-micron, which was evaluated and was proven legible by the visually-challenged.

For the first time in India, ITC came up with the initiative in personal care segment by introducing Braille on the labels of bottles of Savlon. The product was launched on World Sight Day.

The shortlisted companies in this category were:

  • Bullion Flexipack
  • Pentaflex
  • Sai Paks