PrintPack 2022: Vallava displays new stitching, folding machines

At PrintPack, Vallava Graphic Machinery showcased its new machine, Vallava Superking automatic exercise book wire stitching and folding machine, for those willing to enter into the notebook manufacturing business.

27 May 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Murugan, managing director at Vallava Graphic Machinery

According to Murugan, managing director at Vallava Graphic Machinery, the new machine comes with an imported three-head pinning mechanism that can process three long books in a single pass.

Murugan said the servo-based machine is a first for India. He also guaranteed a 15-year no-fuss operation with easy usability. 

“Other machines need 12 heads to make four long books in a single pass, which is also an expensive investment (approximately Rs 12-lakh). For that price, we can set up an entire stitching and folding unit,” Murugan said. 

Apart from that, the machine can be upgraded to a five-head pinning system. 

Murugan said the machine has been designed ground up and claimed that “such a design is not available anywhere in India”.

“The machine was launched six months back and has received several orders. We have sold three machines since its launch and are expecting to sell at least six in this exhibition,” Murugan said.

The company has a total of 30 machines for post-press, stationery manufacturing, and paper products manufacturing, all of which were developed in the last 10 years.

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