PrintPack 2022: SSA launches carton-folding machine

Bengaluru-based SSA Amrutha Folder Tech has launched a new carton-folding machine with updated features.

27 May 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Muruga K of SSA at the show

Muruga K of SSA said the machine, SSA 0088+, is capable of producing cartons similar to cartons produced in imported machines. Additionally, the machine has been updated with 70% new features, including new belts and rollers and pressure systems.

The total speed of the machine is 200-m/min.

“We are aiming to book orders for at least 10 machines at the show,” Muruga said. 

He added, “The machine also costs less than other premium folding machines, but provides similar quality in terms of output.”

Hall 9C | G10-11