PrintPack 2022: Sharp Digitals introduces trade print network

Sharp Digitals, a cloud-based platform, is set to bridge the gap between short-run printers and the market by connecting them to one trade network. For the first time at the PrintPack India show, Sharp Digitals offers a cloud-based CRM solution, especially developed for the printing industry. The network brings together digital printing and merchandise production facilities with print mediators and printers across the country on one platform.

29 May 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Vikas Mittal of Sharp Digitals

“Sharp Digitals has bridged this gap with the introduction of Sharp Digitals Trade Print Network — the first and the fastest growing network of its kind in the country,” Vikas Mittal of Sharp Digitals said.

Short run printing market suffers a paradox — small printers and mediators in non-metros are forced to refuse business because they do not have access to viable short-run printing facilities, while the short-run printers, having invested crores in their set-ups, remain underutilised and often unprofitable. 

The members of the network get immediate access to all the products being manufactured by the printing facilities on the network. Additionally, the members get instant quotes for their inquiries and they can place orders for their clients from anywhere in the country. The orders are immediately and automatically routed to the printing facility and finished products are picked and delivered at the members’ doorsteps. 

“The Sharp Digitals network takes the hassle and effort out of the business of its members. While the members only serve their customers, the network takes care of production and delivery,” Mittal said.

The network already offers hundreds of products and more are being added everyday. 

According to Mittal, the platform would enable printers in the remote pockets of the county to access orders for short-run jobs without much hassle. 

The membership to the network is free at Printpack and also offers discount vouchers of Rs 9,999 for the people signing up during the show.