PrintPack 2022: KRecycling displays portfolio of kraft paper

KRecycling, a paper trading company which deals with all kinds of paper, including waste paper, is showcasing its portfolio of kraft paper for carry bags.

28 May 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Harpreet Singh of KRecycling at the show

The company sells waste paper to paper mills and procures finished paper from them. The products are marketed in India and exported as well. 

According to Harpreet Singh, S&OE, KRecycling, 60% of its business is exports while the rest is domestic sales.

“We started our company two-and-a-half years back and we have a turnover of more than Rs 300 crores today,” Singh said. 

He added that the paper industry has been suffering for the past two years. The market is good but there is scarcity of raw material. 

“Our purpose at the show is to cater to the packaging sector, especially carry bags,” said Singh. “Single-use plastic is going to be banned and everyone is moving towards sustainable alternatives, including eCommerce companies. Demand for kraft paper is huge. So the time is favourable to showcase what we have to offer.”

The company’s star product at the stall is kraft paper for carry bags, which is FSC-certified, food grade, and odourless. 

“We are working with major paper mills in India such as Chadha Paper Mills, Century, Anand Group and more. Our notable customers are Canpack, Aeroplast, Kimberley, to name a few,” Singh concluded.