PrintPack 2022: HB Fuller introduces packaging adhesives

Adhesives supplier HB Fuller has introduced a variety of sustainable innovations at the 15th edition of PrintPack India show in Greater Noida. The highlight, however, was its food-grade adhesives and solutions for eCommerce packaging.

26 May 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

The HB Fuller stall at the show

The company showcased pressure-sensitive adhesives under the Swiftmelt brand that enables the bonding of tough substrates for a variety of applications, including pressure-sensitive tapes or labels, container labelling, and courier bag applications.

The company also displayed its new food-safe solution, sold under the Swifttak brand, to address the increasing demand for paper straws for a variety of end-use applications. The company believes that increased consumer demand for low-impact straws and other factors such as government reforms and campaigns to ban single-use plastic are expected to contribute to the expansion of paper straws.

HB Fuller also introduced its metallocene range of solutions for bookbinding applications. The company claims that the hotmelt adhesive offers several advantages in the production process and end-use applications, such as lower coat weight, increased adhesion strength and robust temperature resistance. It also enables the recyclability of books and reduces adhesive consumption, which are important factors for the graphic arts industry, the company told PrintWeek/WhatPackaging?.

In addition, the company also demonstrated how its reinforcement and opening tapes portfolio can help improve the performance of corrugated and folding carton packaging. “These tape technologies can reduce damage or add functionality, creating better performing boxes and packages. The range of starch additives under the Fullrez and Cor-Weld brands, can augment water-resistance to many types of packaging products, while improving board quality, and reducing waste,” the company stated.

Hall 9B | Stall F22