PrintPack 2022: Binders opt for Impel's in-line binding as book business booms

The Impel-Welbound stall at PrintPack is busy. The star attraction is the BindLine which is its inline configuration kit for gathering-binding-trimming. Some of the names of customers who have finalised the BindLine kit are: Coact Printers in Mumbai (book print exporter to Africa); CDC in Kolkata; Ikon printers in Nairobi. Meanwhile, DP Printing in Okhla has opted for a hard-cover line.

27 May 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Impel has booked three BindLines and one hard-cover line

Team Impel has been busy with demos of the automatic case-binding machine plus other machines for hardcover bookmaking. The post-press manufacturer has showcased three types of binders which can produce 2000 books per hour to 5000 BPH, each offering upgradability to a binding line (by adding a gatherer before or a trimmer later) during the five-day PrintPack show.

The straight-line gathering-binder is connected to a trimmer configuration and occupies about 250 sq metres, with the length being more than 20 metres.

Pallippuram Sajith, the managing director of Impel Services (A Welbound group company told PrintWeek, "Many binderies in India cannot boast such a space luxury." he added, "There is a trick to reduce this requirement by 40% - and bring in a 180-degree turn as the between the gathered books and the feeling into the binder. Then there is half the cost of capital and power per book that you can aim at, compared to your current costs."

In addition to a complete bookbinding line installed in a 15 metres x 8 metres area of the booth, is the world's first six clamp binder that can be connected inline to a trimmer. Furthermore, there is India's first short-run binder that can read a QR code and change the job within one minute. An automatic case maker that makes 12 cases per minute, a book block feeder that can feed stacked book blocks into these binders

Also, there are the 2,000 books per hour short-run perfect binder that can run one book at a time or be connected inline to a gatherer. This kit is expected to cater to the digital print and offset requirements in one go. The company boasts, that there is no such solution in book printing now.

This PrintWeek scribe recommends a visit to Hall 9, where Impel-Welbound has laid out a range of bookbinding solutions that will provide the answers. Bookbinders think bookbinding equipment requires a lot of space to install a line. The Made in India manufacturer has destroyed that myth.

These machines were launched in 2022. The USPs of the kit: Bookbinding – short or medium or long runs, at the lowest investment, power, labour and space costs per book. "For a book printer, it is important that they produce books with the best of quality, at the shortest time consuming minimal labour, space and power. There is no other place in the world, they can get a close look at this – and plan for investments," signed off Sajith.

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