PrintPack 2019: Kapoor Imaging closes four CTCP deals

Chennai-based Kapoor Imaging has announced deals of four Topaz CTCPs at PrintPack India 2019.

03 Feb 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Lucknow-based commercial and books printing company Amber Press has finalised a Topaz 64 LD with 125-mm processor which produces 27 plates per hour at 2400-dpi resolution. Wafa Abbas, director, Amber Press, said the printing market is too price-sensitive and “being a printer, we have to opt for best solutions with economic price range and Topaz fits the bill.”  

New Delhi-based Ankita Communication has bought Topaz 128 LD with 125-cm processor. The imaging device produces 40 plates per hour and the resolution of plate is 2400-dpi. Lalit Gupta, director, Ankita Communication, said, “Being a pre-press house, we are seeing an increased demand for printing plates, which we need to meet that. We have upgraded our existing Topaz machine with the new one. With this, our printing plate production will increase from 1200-1400 to 1800-2000 printing plates per day.”

New Delhi-based Shree Shyam CTP, a pre-press bureau, has finalised Topaz 48 LD with 85-cm processor, which produces 21 plates per hour with 2400-dpi resolution. Puneet, managing partner, Shree Shyam CTP, said, “The number of offset printing presses are increasing in the industry, especially in our geography, so we wanted to double our production from 400 printing plates per day to 800 plates.”

New Delhi-based OSR Scan, an existing user of Topaz, has inked a deal for Topaz 128 LD with 125 cm processor which exposes 40 plates per hour at 2400-dpi. Mani Gaba, managing partner, OSR Scan, said, “Being an existing user of the machine and the technology, we have hands-on experience with the machine. So we decided to replace our existing machine it with a bigger, faster and advanced version. We are producing 1,000 printing plates per day. With the new machine, we are expecting to produce around 1,600 printing plates per day.” 

Kulbhushan Khorwal of Kapoor Imaging said, “Our focus is on consumables. We provide quality products like Topaz plates, Kinyo blankets and chemicals from RBP, USA. Our deals of CTCP will increase our share in printing plates market. We have installed more than 50 CTCP devices in a short span of time of two years. Now, we are ready with solution for very large format (VLF) Super Wide 1850 mm processor to process 1,750-mm printing plates.