PrintPack 2019: Boettcher India displays new rubber rollers

Boettcher India displayed its rubber rollers for wood industry, rubber sleeves for flexo and rotogravure, and special rubber compound and chemical for offset printing industry, especially for UV printing, during PrintPack 2019.

05 Mar 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Prabhat Kumar of Boettcher India

Prabhat Kumar of Boettcher India said, “We believe in quality and technology that helps our partners continuously. Our rubber compound is approved by Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF). We have rubber compound and printing chemistry that has food grade approval from ISEGA. We have DLE (direct laser engraving sleeve system) for flexo and rotogravure industries. Most of our chemical products are approved by OEM & FOGRA.

The company makes rubber compound for every type of printing ink and substrate printing. “We have developed new compound like 377, 277 for HUV printing and no one in India right now have this type of advanced compound,” Kumar said.

Meanwhile, the company’s new compound for IPA reducing / free printing (that helps in transfer of more water) is making wave in world market as well as in India.

“We have developed combi-compound (47138) that is highly suitable for both conventional and UV printing in high speed machine. It has good elasticity and characteristics to withhold UV ink without causing swelling and shrinkage,” Kumar added.

In chemical division, it has come up with new Fogra-approved UV wash offset UV, XL that is mild on the rubber, does not cause swelling and shrinkage on roller, and also human- and environment-friendly.