PrintPack 2019: Baldwin focuses on Indian market

Baldwin Vision Systems showcased its strategies for Indian market at PrintPack India 2019. The company was at the exhibition first time.

27 Feb 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Isaam Lutfiyya, director, global sales & marketing, SaaS business unit leader, Baldwin Vision Systems; Steve Metcalf, president, Spectral UV; Vince Balistrieri, president, Baldwin Vision System

Vince Balistrieri, president, Baldwin Vision Systems said, “This is the first time in PrintPack India when we are exhibiting as a part of Baldwin Vision Systems since our acquisition. We have been acquired by Baldwin combined with two other vision businesses. It is like a strategy and it will be successful then we need to something here.”

Isaam Lutfiyya, director, global sales and marketing: Saas Business Unit Leader, Baldwin Vision Systems, said, “The best thing about PrintPack India that it gives us a platform to interact with our customers from all the segments of the printing industry. We have solutions for offset, flexo, gravure, digital and other technologies. Overnight our production became double after the acquisition in 2017.”

He said the company will be launching new products in India by the end of March 2019. “We are working on India first strategy. In our history, we are reversing the dynamic like this is the first time when we will launch our products first in India and then will bring that to the US. That shows our belief in the Indian market and customers and the potential of the geography,” he said.

The company launched Autotron 3600 last year in India. It is colour-to-colour registration system for packaging applications. “Packaging in India is booming. We have our real-time monitoring function, which is a quality management tool for inspection, detection and waste removal. That’s new and unique because it allows you to monitor and control the quality across your workflow, your plants, your machine and others,” he added.

The company is also launching its colour analytics products. That is colour management and quality workflow tool that also works the entire colour workflow. “We are making significant enhancement in ink way products. It works like an MIS system for your printing ink and production facility. We have many new things in 2019. We have a new office in Gandhinagar, India. India is a rapidly growing packaging market in the world. We can rely on the continuous growth of India, especially in terms of foreign direct investment. We have a young and dynamic workforce in India,” he said.

Hemant Desai, director, Baldwin Vision Systems India said, “We have a strong technical back up since Baldwin acquired Quadtech. We are using that by developing our new registration control and other things. The Indian team is very much involved because of their expertise and experience. We are helping our customers to achieve consistent, accurate, repeatable results from us. Since packaging is booming in India we see a shift from manual to automation to eliminate human error. Packaging growth in India must be in double-digit, around 12%. A specific number of growth may vary report to report but for the safer side, we will stick with 12%. Flexible packaging growth in India will be double the average packaging growth worldwide. India has opportunities compared to a well established and mature market like the US. India leads the bat, South-East Asia is far. Now AMS Spectral UV is also a Baldwin company and the company offer solutions for LED curing solutions.”

Steve Metcalf, president, AMS Spectral UV, said, “Baldwin has top of the class products and now we have to connect those whether it is registration, LED and others. Now, we need an intelligence system with IOT-based things to capture the information down second and in some cased even less. At every level, machine data is different because it touches the machine differently, the machine data, the colour data, there are multiple variables in the print production process. We need products in the market for every category. We have installed a dozen of LED systems in India but now we have a bigger company and everything will be through Baldwin.”