PrintPack 2019: Arden’s latest Impact CAD 2019 and DotScan braille inspection

Arden Software, which specialises in CAD and CAM software for the print and packaging industry, will demonstrate the latest release of its Impact 2019 software that features a range of new features including a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.

07 Jan 2019 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Latest release of the Impact 2019 software

Manish Bhaskar, managing director for Asia and Africa at Arden Software, said, “The latest version of our packaging design software Impact CAD is due for release in the first quarter of 2019, so visitors to PrintPack India can look forward to an advanced preview.”

Impact CAD is a Windows-based desktop packaging design software used by designers and die-makers to create key-line designs for a vast range of packaging including boxes, points of sales, floor standing units, corrugated and folding cartons and rigid boxes. It’s also suitable for die-makers to create die-boards, both rotary and flatbed, for the steel rule die-making industry, along with rubbering, Pertinax, stripping and blanking dies.

According to Bhaskar, Impact CAD has more than 60 licences installed in India at companies such as Orient Press, Vihaa Print and Pack, Shiv Offset, Die Hard Dies, Zenith Diemakers, Ashok Punch, Artize, Halftone, Saptagiri Packaging, Jasmine Art, and Havells.

Speaking about the USP of the software, Bhaskar said, “Impact CAD really stands apart thanks to its support for multi-piece designs, specifically keeping design components, manufacturing layouts and 3D models linked nicely within the same project. At its heart is a secure design database to provide version tracking and searching capabilities.”

Inspect braille
The other highlight at Arden’s stand will be the DotScan technology. It’s a system that inspects the quality of braille on packaging.

“We are excited to showcase for the very first time our DotScan technology, which  provides a comprehensive braille review checking for presence, height, accuracy, composition and language of braille dots,” added Bhaskar

DotScan technology - A system that inspects the quality of braille on packaging 

The DotScan equipment includes an additional ultra-high resolution camera and adopts 3D measurement technology, which not only determines the presence and position of Braille characters but also provides complete visual analysis, highlighting in clear detail where any quality errors may have occurred.

Bhaskar explained, “It uses a shape-from-shading technique to inspect samples in less than two seconds, virtually eliminating the risk of error when compared to visual or mechanical inspections.”

“Traditional methods of Braille inspection can be time-consuming and costly, and just one tiny fault in the manufacturing process can have dangerous consequences for the visually impaired, but with DotScan, manufacturers can be confident of the highest quality control and eliminate the chance of incorrectly embossed cartons from ever reaching the consumer,” added Bhaskar.

Arden Software has more than 12,000 installations globally of Impact CAD software, with over 800 licenses installed across Asia including India.During the show, Arden will also talk about its other software such as Impact Enterprise and WEBcnx.

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