Printology Xperts installs MGI Jetvarnish 3D

New Delhi-based Printology Xperts has installed MGI Jetvarnish 3D digital varnish and foiling machine. The machine is equipped with AIS (artificial intelligence scanner). The machine has been running on the company shopfloor from early 2018.

25 May 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

The machine has been sold by TechNova Imaging Systems, which is a channel partner of Konica Minolta India for its MGI business.

Printology Xperts is a new setup started by industry veterans Kamal Malik and Ravinder Kumar. It went operational in August 2017. “We believe in expertise,” Malik said. “This venture is our shift from analog to digital. The decision of buying MGI JetVarnish came through some of the reliable names in the industry — TechNova and Konica Minolta combine. Both the organisations are highly committed to the growth of industry. This gave us the motivation. It’s all about specialisation and we are following the same.”

In this new venture, Malik has brought in his experience in printing as well as advertising. Meanwhile, Kumar comes from an entirely different industry, specialising in air conditioner manufacturing serving some of the big names in the printing industry where his interest in printing grew. Both the cofounders have the zeal to bring something new and not to be in the race with other fellow printers.

Printology Xperts already has a full-fledged designing set up comprising of digital colour production printers Ricoh C9100 and Konica Minolta 1052; Duplo 616 digital slitting machine, Polar paper cutting machine, Stahl paper folding machine, SRL single clamp PUR binder and other post-press accessories.

The MGI Jetvarnish 3D with digital foil will help the company achieve digital spot UV coating on page sizes varying from A4 to 36.4x104cm with a maximum print speed of 2298 A3 pages an hour. It is capable of doing digital foiling as well. The main benefit of the machine is that the jobs which used to take days now be done in minutes. “Some of the other advantages are that being a digital process, we can create n number of UV effects from flat to textured to raised UV with a combination of foil,” Malik said.

Since its introduction in 2015, there are 15 MGI JetVarnish installations in the country and the number is increasing.

Malik started his career with an ad agency and as he clients needed printing as well, he entered the industry in 1997 with the establishment of Kamal Printers.

On the shift from analogue to digital, Malik argued that offset does not provide flexibility in terms of short-run jobs and print-on-demand, especially in print enhancement. “I’ve been visiting printing exhibitions globally since 1998. At the time, there was no focus on finishing,” he added.

He said he saw the machine at Drupa 2016. “I found the machine so relevant that I spent an entire day there. I learnt the entire process, about printing inksand so on, and also about special cost calculation features.We knew that we have to work hard to create a new segment for Jetvarnish and Konica Minolta has been helpful in that way,” he said, adding, “Recently, we have worked on the neck ringers for Smartwater, the newly launched water brand from Coca-Cola and have supplied 50,000 neck ringers in three units.”

Other advantages of the machine includes flat or 3D spot coating; 3D raised effects; up to 3,000 B2 sheets/hr; full coverage of a B2 sheet; anticipation of printing costs prior to production; no printing plates or screens; new 3D high gloss coating formula at 99% GU (gloss unit), among others.

With the new investment, Malik is looking to upgrade screen-based spot UV jobs into digital spot UV and conventional foiling into digital foiling operations. “This machine is a combination of hot spot UV and digital foiling. Both are expensive and cost plays a major role. We want to cater the market where people want short-run with enhancement and price must not be a constraints with the Jetvarnish. Its gloss unit is 99%. We print enhanced B2 (20x42 inch) extended size easily,” he said.

On future investment, Kumar said a KM1 kit is on the way. “The market is huge where we are planning to go. We created our first brochure after a home work of around 100 days. We have achieved .5mm thickness of line and even thicker with digital varnish, our customers were surprisingly stunned by the quality of enhancement we could demonstrate with our little experience with the machine. This machine opens up a new world of creativity for the designers and can help the brands distinguish themselves. Being from the advertising background, we understand the customer behaviour of persuasion and their buying decisions. We can create the tactile effect of sight and touch using this technology. There are numerous studies which prove that the customer is more likely to buy products which attract attention. This is the area we can help brands to increase their acceptability with print advertising and product packaging,” he added.

The company is now targeting segments like visiting cards, invitation cards, wedding cards, guarantee cards, complementary cards, fashion industry, educational certificates, menus of restaurants and school books.

Kumar said another use of this enhancement equipment is for security features and braille, which the company is yet to explore.

“We have silver, green, red, blue, gold, copper, mat silver and gold for foiling along with holographic films and laser amongst few,and we have an ability to offer customised foil to select few customers” Malik said, “Creating new market is all about customers’ engagement.”

Printology Xperts is a 100% digital printing set up and a sister concern of Kamal Printers, with around 22 people working out of a 3,200 sq/ft printing facility.

“We believe in our innovation and products. Yes, cost is an issue but we need to pay our EMIs. The cost of our print enhanced products can be negotiated but not bargained. We believe that alcohol, beverages, education, cosmetic, spa and jewellery markets will give us good opportunities,” Kumar concluded.