Printing is one of the greatest jobs out there: Nandhini Sankar

Nandhini Sankar, managing partner of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu-based Classic Creator was recognised at the South India Women Achievers Award (SIWAA) 2019 in Chennai among the outstanding women entrepreneurs in South India. Classic Creator works in designing, printing, and branding, with target customers being corporate organisations, jewellers, textile manufacturers, educational institutions, and pharma companies. On an average, Classic prints 15,000 to 25,000 copies per month.

About the Award, Sankar told PrintWeek, “For an entrepreneur, doing business is a routine. It is necessary. Getting recognised for doing it well, however, is an additional impetus to work more, and work better. Think of it like an early morning cup of coffee which sustains you through for the next couple of months.”

27 Mar 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Nandhini Sankar, managing partner, Classic Creator

Please tell us about the Award and category you were recognised for.

I was recognised in the category ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’. I am the first woman from the printing industry to receive the honours.

What does it mean to be a woman entrepreneur, especially in an industry like printing, which is largely male-dominated?

I clearly don’t see a problem in the industry. I have a loving husband and a supportive family who have made my journey easier. I feel a drastic change in the mindset of clients and suppliers in the recent past. 

When and how did you enter the industry? Please share the details of your journey in printing?

When I got married, my husband already had a small screen printing unit. It was an excellent, quality-based print unit but financially unstable. So, my initiative was to maintain the same quality standards, increase customer base, adopt additional services and thereby improve the finance lag.  My husband allowed me to implement new ideas and explore the market. After we installed the Konica Minolta engine my interest for printing started and there was no looking back.

What are the aspects of printing you like the most?

The best part is that we tend to see new products every day. I like to the end products instantly flowing out of the fast digital print machines and the happy smiles of customers.

What a typical day at work looks like for you?

I start by assigning jobs to others. I spend more time on client discussions for branding solutions.   As we have a huge display for wedding invitations, people show up for invitations quite frequently.   I love attending to them personally, especially youngsters. I get to keep my mind youthful and open for suggestions. So talking to clients and doing business is the best part. By evening, Team Classic Creator meets to review the day's work and set the final designs for printing.

One job at Classic Creator you are really proud of?

Leading the amazing group of designers. Designing is such a creative industry and amazingly colourful. There is no place for boredom and is never monotonous.

Your advice to young women who want to take up printing as a career?

First, passion is important. Next, just do it. It's one of the greatest jobs out there. You will never regret your choice.

The industry needs more women in leadership positions. Your opinion?

Absolutely, being a leader in a corporate world of suits and ties often requires women to be intuitive, intelligent and wise. In my opinion, women extend warm support and build a good rapport with the staff.

Your dream job if you were not in printing?

I have always had a great love for colours, creative thinking and spending time with kids. I would have developed my stage skills to address youth or must have started an academy to train the youth.  But I am really happy and delighted that I am into the printing industry. I love my profession.