Printing Duniya starts in-house plate production with Thermostar

Cuttack-based Printing Duniya has started its in-house offset printing plates production with Thermostar T9. Kartik Setty of Printing Duniya said, “We wanted to give our customers a better print quality. So, we chose thermal technology. We were outsourcing the printing plates earlier. TechNova is a renowned and established player in the segment. So, we went with it. Being a new player to the segment, it was tough but TechNova helped us.”

03 Mar 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Kartik Setty of Printing Duniya with the Thermostar T9

Established in 2004, Printing Duniya initially was a manual screen printing house. After a decade, in 2014, the company opted for a Konica Minolta digital press and later ventured into wide-format printing. Later, it purchased an eco-solvent machine in 2015 and a solvent inkjet wide-format printer in 2016.

Printing Duniya produces 200 printing plates in daily operation.

Setty said, “In 2018, we entered into offset printing because many of our existing customers were demanding jobs which can only be fulfilled with offset. We bought the Thermostar T9 (Aurora) plate setter from TechNova and mono offset printing press from Autoprint Machinery.”

The company has clients from garment, cement and food industries. Setty said these days, customers are quality conscious and want fast delivery of their jobs. “Digital printing plates are the answer to meet their expectations. We are also working as a plate bureau and serving around 15-20 customers in the vicinity. Earlier, we were outsourcing the printing plates,” he added.

Price is a pain point in the industry and Setty believes that quality will defeat the price war and he will be able to serve the industry better. “The Thermostar T9 has opened up new opportunities for me. We are hopeful that with the present speed, we will get the ROI in three-four years and if the industry picks up the speed, it can happen early,” he said.

A team of 40 people work in the 3,000-sqft are of Printing Duniya in an eight-hour shift.