Print Vision’s Pandya praises Excel for unstinted support during Covid crisis

While some sectors in print have seen a downturn during the Covid-19 pandemic but one sector at least, though it has had its share of problems, has done better than any.

24 Nov 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

“During the first wave of Covid-19 the later part, we had received a very large packaging order which can be said to be significant, but it was time-bound,” said Faliith Pandya, managing director Ahmedabad-based Print Vision, a leading print and packaging service provider in the city. The four-decade-old company Vision was started by Pandya’s father, Yagnesh in 1995.

While Print Vision, is equipped with a brand new RMGT six-colour press, a four-colour Mitsubishi – 3000 Series press, a pre-press set-up with CTP, a folder-gluer, and other converting machines, in order to meet the increased packaging demand, there was an urgent need of a die-cutting machine. “Given the situation, we had only one choice – Excel Machinery’s Maxima. We immediately ordered the Maxima Exb-35 automatic die-cutting machine, which was delivered in quick time,” said Pandya.

The jobs were printed, and the other processes were completed. The brand new punching machine, too, was ready, but the work stopped. “The operator and I, both fell ill, and it turned out that both of us were Covid-positive,” said Pandya, adding, “It was a delicate situation. The job in hand was an order packaging of Covid-related drug, from a first-time customer. Everything was at stake,” explained Pandya.

It was that time in the crisis when Excel Machinery’s director Jitendra Patel stepped in. He sent his engineer and gave practical training to Print Vision’s men, even as the engineer supervised the job being undertaken on the Maxima Exb-35.

Faliith Pandya, managing director, Print Vision

“It was an excellent support, and with that support itself, we have received the returns on our investment in the kit,” said a beaming Pandya.

In the meantime, both Pandya and the operator had recovered. “What is most important is that because of the support we were able to uphold the faith of the new customer in our ability to deliver,” concluded Pandya.
The Maxima Exb 35 is Ahmedabad-based Excel Machinery’s most popular kit with more than 200 installations across India.

The Maxima is available in 25x35.5inch configuration which is capable of accommodating almost all sizes of jobs available in the Indian environment. “The versatile machine is suitable for small quantities as well as mass production,” said Patel of Excel Machinery.

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