Print Summit 2020: Mantras to address professional challenges

International life coach Gaur Gopal Das focused on changing the approach of addressing professional challenges at Print Summit 2020.

23 Jan 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

He cited an example of a flight journey, where there is no control of taking off, landing or turbulence. The same is the scenario in every business, where one doesn’t have control about the changing market trends or the economic slump pertaining to it. But what is in control is how we adapt to it.

He also shared a formula to tackle challenges. According to Das, challenge is an addition of the constants and variables. He emphasised that what’s in one’s control is the variables as it implies hope, and there is no point in dwelling on the constants.

In print business, one key parameter to be considered for sustaining in the print business, as addressed by numerous speakers at the event, is to adhere to the changing demands of the millennials. Das emphasised on the point too, and stressed on the importance of change. 

He explained that a rigid approach towards business will result in a downfall. But, at the same time, it is important to focus on individual organisations growth rather than a comparative growth. He quoted Grace Hooper, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is we’ve always done it this way.”

He highlighted one point which finds utmost importance in the packaging industry that currently, the trend has become that the container is more valued than the content inside. He said the presentation of the package has to find its relevance with the consumer, and only then it will sell. The same applies for every business.

With over 4.3 million followers on facebook, over 1.2 million on Instagram, and over 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube, Das is known as the urban, online monk. He has been awarded the Gold Play Button, as recognition by YouTube for being one of the most popular channels.

Furthermore, He was also awarded ‘The Ideal Young Spiritual Guru Award’ by the Indian Student Parliament, MIT Pune for his remarkable contributions in offering spiritual guidance to the world at such a young age.

Das’ success mantras at glance 

  • Choose: Emphasise on variables rather than constants
  • Compete: Focus on self-excellence and compete with yourself
  • Change: Focus on adapting to change
  • Contribute: Make a difference through innovations