Print industry and close friends mourn Sachin Shardul’s untimely death

Sachin Shardul, ex-technical editor at PrintWeek, passed away due to Covid-related health complications. Following an obituary piece by Ramu Ramanathan, editor, PrintWeek, we have been receiving numerous condolences and tributes from the industry and his friends. Here, we share some of the notes.

14 Oct 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Sachin Shardul (1977- 2020)

Jo Francis  
So very sorry to hear this sad news. What a wonderful obituary and tribute to a person with such a diversity of interests.

What sad times we are living in.

Hrishikesh Kulkarni  
Sachin Sir's (he never let me call him sir, but today, I can) news came as a shock, I cannot explain...

I remembered, the first day I met him during my college days. It was during the first edition of PrintWeek Awards. I remember entering Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, and for the first time in my life into a 5-star property, a shy college kid and gravely sedate demeanour.

Sachin made me feel I am the winner and kept a constant eye on me even as the  printing stalwarts in  attendance were talking to him, some asking for him.  His multi-tasking abilities were on full display at that function.

Sachin saw me off that day, ensuring that I got into the taxi. He called the next day to check my safe return to Pune. Who does it to a student?

Later in all numerous meetings and interactions, he always made me believe that I am in the field of printing, and I should use all my talents to make  it "big" for myself...

He always used to say in Marathi, "Motha manus honar re tu, hi tar survat ahe" (You will achieve great heights, this is only the beginning). He was not just “Printing Positive” but he used to spread positivity...

Lately we couldn’t connect, because of his decision to return to his home town in Dhule. Today, with Ramu sir's article, I feel more lost as I could not continue to learn from him.

Too soon my friend... (You became sir to my friend in fraction of a second in our first meeting)

Never thought we will not communicate with each other... Missing you already...

Tuzach Motha Manus (Nakki prayatna Karin)

Chandrak Shah 
This is very sad news about Sachin ji, my hearty condolences to entire family, god give them great strength to sustain with his loss. I knew him from college days 10 years back, he is very soft hearted, great knowledge, dedication and enthusiast person. Printing was in his blood. He was one of the most inspiring person for me in my career. We will always miss him, and will always leave in our heart. Love you...

Sudhir Samant
Sachin used to either call me or meet me to get updated on development in narrow web flexo market and technology. He was great human and good friend to many in the print industry and we miss him.

May his soul rest in peace, and God gives his family, the strength and courage to bear the loss.

Venugopal Menon
Oh my God , this is a real shock. He was such a gentle person . Hard to believe. Yes it was too early. May his soul rest in peace

Soma Roy
So sorry to hear that Sachin is no more. I still remember the way he used to welcome me, as one of the jury member at the PrintWeek Awards. His smile was so infectious. A holy man. Hope his family recovers from this huge loss...
May his soul rest in peace. I feel that he is around and does not need my prayers...

Bhargava Mistry
It is really shocking to know the fact that Sachin is no more with us. He was a kind hearted and very generous person. We met each other several times in various events and I remember he also visited our factory in Vasai. We also had great conversation.

May his soul rest in peace. And God gives his family, the strength and courage to bear the loss.

Om Shanti

Nitin Wani
Lovely expressions by Sachin.... great loss to print industry. We will miss this gem....

Ajit Dalvi
Absolutely shocking news this. I recollect Sachin and his friendly manner of connecting with everyone. Why? Why? Why this?

Suresh Ramakrishnan
Beautifully written. Sachin deserved nothing less.

Amit Shah
Very, very sad. Bhai, our entire team is feeling so bad.

Let me know if we can do anything from our side ...

Prashant Atre
Last night, many times Sachin’s images came in front of me. I never realised that his death will have this kind of impact on me. But, perhaps he has unique yet simple – a tall, soft spoken person.

Death in Covid-19 are just a number till someone close to us succumbs. My condolences to his family.

Darryl Danielli
I'm so sorry - this is tragic news, so young. This bloody virus is an ugly curse.

Mukta Lad
I had tears reading this. What a gem of a person. Only the good ones go too soon. 

Anant Rangaswami
What a lovely obituary. So much to Sachin that I did not know. I wish I had known him better.

Jim James
RIP – a good and loyal man.

Harveer Sahni 
I am saddened to say this for a young and wonderful boy; I pray for his soul to rest in peace!

Dnyanesh Bidkar 
I came to know the news about Sachin Shardul’s sad demise. My heartfelt condolences... No words to express my grief.

My prayers for him and may god give strength to his family to overcome from this tough situation.

Nisha Khot 
A very interesting piece and a great way to remember the ever-smiling Sachin Shardul. My condolences to his family and teammates. May you all find the strength to bear this untimely loss.

Shephali Bhatt
Sachin Shardul loved to say things like "Johannes Gutenberg would've never imagined that atomic number 13 in the periodic table would revolutionise print."

Earlier this week, we lost a former colleague and a good man to Covid. 

Kruthika Mody
I was only 18, still in college when I worked with Sachin Shardul. He was one of the first colleagues. I have come across many men who have a problem, listening to a woman, especially one who is younger than them, but that didn't happen in my first job. Sachin Sir treated me like an equal. My memories of him are of a kind man, always willing to help and always willing to ask for help

I wish I had spent more time getting to know Sachin Sir.

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