Print in Najibabad: Taj Printing Press

A first generation printer, Mohammad Usman, has a two-colour printing press manufactured in Faridabad.

23 Oct 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

The rest of the equipment are manual, especially postpress. Usman wants to invest and grow, but is not happy about the unprofessional behaviour of his customers. He shares an example. “I printed a job for one of my clients.

He paid an advance and promised to pay the rest of the amount on delivery, but he never came back. Now, his job is lying with me. It is a 100% loss for me. Such kind of behaviour is not going to help the industry,” he says.

Taj Printing Press can print single, twocolour and multi-colour jobs, but for multicolour, especially quality work, it outsources the jobs to Delhi. “Delhi is nearby, you can go in the morning and come back by late night,” Usman says. This is the reason he believes the printing industry in the town is not very lucrative and the future is not bright.

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