Print in Najibabad: Saini Gift Packers & Printers

Sanjay Saini of Saini Gift Packers & Printers says, “We are in the industry since 1990. We installed machines in 1993.

23 Oct 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

(l-r) Anil and Sanjay Saini of Saini Gift Packers & Printers

We started with a ruling plant for exercise note books. In 1998, we installed a Chandler machine. We ran that machine for five years and entered into packaging, especially sweets boxes manufacturing in 2003.”

Right now, Saini is one of the biggest packaging units in Najibabad. Saini started packaging with a small machine until 2014. “Before that most of my work was outsourced,” he says. “In 2014, I established my own set up for packaging and printing and installed a two-colour printing press, lamination machine, three manual die-cutting machines, one single-colour printing press, and two paper-cutting machines.

Both the printing presses can print sheet sizes of 20x30 inches and the entire set up is to cater printing jobs of 20x30 inches sheets.” He says the setup is appropriate to meet demand of the town and the neighbouring geography. As he found success in packaging, Saini started a corrugation plant manufacturing E-flute in 2017. “We can manufacture 8,000 boxes per day. In corrugation, we convert around four tonnes of kraft paper per month,” he adds.

For the corrugation plant, the company took over an existing plant in the neighbouring town Nagina, with India-made corrugation machines. The company supplies corrugation boxes for handicraft items, sweets (especially soan papdi and batisa, as the town is famous for both the sweets) and vegetables like capsicum and fruits like mango packaging. “Generally, we run the facility nine hours a day, but in season (June, July and August, and October, November and December), we run it round-the-clock.

Thus, six months of the year, we run 24 hours,” Saini says. He runs the show with his younger brother Anil Saini and a team of 16 people. Saini is responsible for business while the younger brother is responsible for administrative and backend work.

Saini also runs a sister concern called Brijbasi Snacks. Today, the company converts around 15 tonnes material of duplex board per month and does business of Rs 50 lakh per annum, which, Saini says, is a good number for the town.

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