Prinova Solutions buys HP Indigo

Strengthening its foothold in digital printing, Prinova Solutions has installed a HP Indigo 6K Brand Protection Plus digital press at its facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to meet the growing demand in the FMCG sectors.

18 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Sarika Kumbhat and Atul Sonthalia, partner of Prinova Solutions

The HP Indigo 6K Brand Protection Plus digital press will offer secure printing technologies to fight back against counterfeiters while at the same time providing high-quality, and flexible custom printing with its single-pass productivity.

Atul Sonthalia, partner at Prinova, said, “Prinova began with the simple idea that there's a gap in the market for short-run packaging solutions, and we wanted to fill that gap. In addition to the best-in-industry equipment, Prinova has assembled an outstanding team comprising seasoned operators and consultants to provide customers with cutting-edge technology and impeccable service. Our collaboration with HP and Technova signifies a significant step towards digital and short-run packaging, as well as brand protection and anti-counterfeit solutions.”

A Appadurai, country manager, Indigo and inkjet business solutions, HP India, said, “As pioneers in digital press solutions, including our esteemed collaboration with Technova, we recognize the dynamic needs of customers in the fast-growing digital printing for packaging industry. The HP Indigo 6K Brand Protection Plus Press stands as the first of its kind in India, marking a significant milestone in the realm of brand protection. This innovative press is a testament to HP's commitment to innovative advancements, and we are thrilled to see how Prinova will flourish with this groundbreaking digital technology."

HP Indigo 6K Brand Protection Plus Digital Press is an end-to-end security solution that enables brands to differentiate themselves with exclusive anti-counterfeit labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and traceable stamps. It serves brands that are forced to confront counterfeiting issues, particularly in the food and beverage, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and food & beverage industries. The press facilitates traceability on various security substrates, including films and UV substrates managed centrally through a secure black box ecosystem. With variable security inks such as invisible, fluorescent, spot colours, and taggant inks and features like QR codes and digital watermarking, HP Indigo Secure offers a flexible, multi-layered approach to counterfeiting for printers.

Equipped with HP Indigo LEP and One-Shot Color technology, the HP Indigo 6K Brand Protection Plus Digital Press - offers high resolution, high quality, and perfect registration. To satisfy the most colour-conscious customers with an accurate, smooth, and consistent look, HP Indigo ElectroInk has the widest digital colour gamut, reaching up to 97% of Pantone colours and using up to seven ink stations on press.

Meeting the demands of the customer while pursuing the company's sustainability goals, HP Indigo 6K Brand Protection Plus Digital Press has adapted effectively to exemplify its mission of providing customers with the highest print quality possible. It is manufactured carbon neutral and offers reduced production waste. Indigo Ink is environmentally safe since it does not require any solvents, chemicals, or UV light.  The press has gone through an independent verification, confirming compliance with rigorous health and environmental standards.